Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spoilers 3/19

*GH has confirmed that Rick Hearst, Megan Ward, Greg Vaughan, Rebecca Herbst, and Leslie Charleson will remain on the canvas for the foreseeable future.

*Spenser Cassadine will also be recasted

Scrubs... Present: Robin tracks down Brad to find out if he still wants to date her. Mac thinks it's Patrick's fault that Robin left. Patrick has Maxie talk to Mac about PPD. Robin goes to a therapy meeting and admits she doesn't want to be a mother anymore. Robin doesn't want to take antidepressants and goes to Sonny for advice. Patrick realises how serious PPD is when he hears of a women who purposely crashed her car with her baby inside. Sonny encourages Robin to take her medication. Robin's mind begins to play tricks on her. Patrick feels the Robin's brush at death wasn't an accident. Patrick is upset when he finds Robin in Jason's arms. (He's only comforting her) Robin drinks and drives.
Down the Road: Will Patrick go to far with another women? Rumors say that Patrick comes real close to doing 'it' in a hospital OR room when the new hospital opens during a blackout which is caused by Helena. Patrick is interupted by Jason, Sam and Robin. April 3 Robin's condition takes a turn for the worse, this is when the rumored suicide comes into play. Robin finally admits the truth to Lainey.

PI... Rumors have Spinelli, Sam and Winifred opening up a PI business. a 4th person will also join and it's said to be shocking.

Rebecca... Nik is there for her when she gets disturbing news about her mamogram. Thats why they are holding hands in the medianet picture. Rebecca accepts Nik's help and moves into Wyndamere. "We'll be learning a lot more about Rebecca in the coming weeks," says portrayer Natalia Livingston.

Jolu.. Lulu learns about Johnny's lies. Johnny learns that Claudia is being blackmailed. Johnny tells Sonny he'll do anything to protect his sister. Johnny and Maxie take the next step.

CarJax... At Michael's bedside Jax apologizes for not stopping Jerry. Carly becomes more hopeful. Carly has mixed feelings about Michael's future. Carly confides in Bobbie. When Michael moves his hand Carly he is sure that he's on the road to recovery even if Patrick tells her it was just an involuntary hand movement.

Olivia... Olivia is urged by Kate to tell Sonny the secret. What is Kate to scared to do it herself? Olivia warns Jax not to keep the truth from Carly.

Slaudia...Claudia finds away out of her situation. Claudia takes action against Ric. Sonny finds Ric in Claudia's bed, sleeping. Does Johnny take the blame of Michael's shooting to save Claudia? Thats a rumor that is currently out there. Sonny comes to Claudia's rescue.

Helena... We'll hear Helena before we see her.

JaSam... Rayner has evidence that Sam destroyed the evidence (ironic isn't it) Rayner threatens Jason.

Quotes from Insiders
"RE: JaSam going romantic?Quote:Yes, BF wants it, and it will happen before summer. Fans of both actors individually don't seem to want it if you go by calls and letters, but they do seem to have a base of fans of them as a couple that makes a lot of noise. But generally calls and letters to the writers seem to favor them going their own way. I know that won't be believed here, but if you could see the thousands of letters we receive, you would understand that the general fan seems to care more about the show and much less about couples than the impression received here and at other message boards."


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