Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spoilers 3/25

* Not to in depth today, I'm not feeling well.

Claudia...Rumors Claudia visits Michael, and gets caught. Carly is hot on her trail.

CarJax... Carly begins to think Jax is hiding something from her. Rumors say a sorased Michael could be coming.

Rebecca... Rebecca requires a biopsy.

Jolu... Johnny and Lulu will end things, but where will Johnny live?

JaSam...Rumors say Jason and Sam kiss at the Penthouse, and Maxie catches a glimpse. Does Jason threaten Ric when he feels that he knows something about Michael?
Quote From DD Insider
"Sam and Jason will be discussing in detail there relationship and why things ended.
Sam will tell Jason, that during there relationship she was very dependent upon him
and that he was the first person that she truly loved, and was willing to die for several
times. She tells him, she knows that what she did with Ric was wrong and that she had no
right to being upset that Jason slept with Liz, but she still felt betrayed because she believes
she had no say so in them breaking up or the reasons why. She also references the breakup
at the jail. She tells Jason that she's grown since they've been apart and that she's learned
to count on herself, and she apologizes for putting so much weight on his shoulders when they
were together. Jason also apologizes for breaking her heart when he initially broke up with her
because of Alexis, he doesn't fault Alexis for it. But says he was tired of always seeing her in pain or being hurt because of him, he references the Manny ordeal. He also talks about with her and says he understands why she did what she did when it came to him, Elizabeth and Jake. He tells her that he forgives her for doing that and knows that if she was in her right mind at the time that she wouldn't have did what she did.

The heart to heart goes on for two days, and yes it does culminate in Jason kissing Sam. Sam initially goes in to kiss Jason, but pulls back and apologizes, but Jason tells her not to apologize because it's what he wanted to do too, and he then kisses her."

ASJ has been contacted by TPTB to appear for a summer stint, maybe longer. The negotiations are currently under way, and ASJ could be on set as early as June.


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Anonymous said...

You don't know how happy I am after reading that. I am a huge JaSam fan & started watching GH right before they got together & was so bummed that they broke it off. So I'm super excited to see the 2 get back together. I cant wait for Summer to get here. Thanks for all the info.