Friday, March 27, 2009

Spoilers 3/27

*Sorry about yesterday, I still wasn't quite feeling good.

Ethan... Rumors say that Ethan will NOT be Luke's son. Lulu catches Ethan stealing from Crimson.

Rebecca... Rumors say that Rebecca is working for Helena because Helena has a secret and she's holding it over Rebecca's head. Rumors go on to say that Helena wants revenge against Nik, but won't go after Spenser because she already has guardianship over Nik's son who isn't Spenser. I don't know how true this is but it is definatly an interesting theory. Nik continues to help Rebecca while she is dealing with the biopsy and the possibility of having breast cancer. This will bring Rebecca and Nik closer when she sees how supportive he is to her and when Emily went through it.

Slaudia... Johnny tries to help Claudia by strangling Ric, except Jason comes in and says "don't let me stop you". While Ric is in his hospital bed recovering from being drugged, he tells Claudia all of his plans. Claudia begins to plan on having a child. Jason finds Claudia at the warehouse where Michael was shot. Claudia wants Johnny to join the business to get info to keep Ric off of her back. Olivia is there for Sonny at the docks. Johnny and Maxie help get Ric out of Claudia's bed while Claudia distracts Sonny. Claudia visits Ric just in time for him to strangle her. Claudia tells Sonny that Ric is blackmailing her. How does Sonny respond? Sonny tells Claudia he's sorry that Ric is using Claudia to get revenge on his brother. Claudia visits Michael and lets him know, he'll be having a baby brother/sister. Ric begins dropping hints to Jason about Michael's shooting so Jason starts his own investigation.

CarJax... Jax visits Michael and confesses his part in keeping Jerry out of prison and keeping the secret of who hired Ian. Carly sees Michael move his hand and has a renewed hope for the future. Carly begins to seek out riskier treatment which could threaten his life.

Rumored May Love Scenes.... Rumors say Patrick and Carly will turn to each other when Carly finds out about Claudia's involvement and Jax knew, and Robin continues to push Patrick away. Lulu and Ethan will also turn to eachother while on their adventure. When Lulu returns Johnny will learn how close they've become, and he will show his Zacharra face. The third love scene is Jason's with no details about his partner, 4 words I HOPE IT'S SAM.

Epiphany... Will Epiphany be at GH went it re-opens, rumors say No.

Random News
Daytime Confidential is reporting that Rachel Melvin (Chelsea DOOL) has read a part for GH, and Greg Vaughn has met with people over at DOOL.

The Emmy's will be hosted by CW.

ABC HotSheet

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