Friday, March 20, 2009

Talking with Andrew T Lee

Andrew was raised single-handedly by his mother when his father died at a young age. Andrew attended UCLA where he earned his degree in English Literature. He then moved to NYC where he studied in the world renowned American Place Theater. Andrew has a wife, 2 children and resides in Los Angelas where he enjoys to surf and fish.

Early today I asked Andrew T Lee a few questions and lucky for me he actually responded. Which I am ecstatic about.

Sami "What is the best part about working at GH?"

Andrew T Lee "The best part about working on GH is watching the actors work. there are so many exceptionally talented people on the show, doing amazing work day after day, cranking out consistently good performances, most of the time in just one take! brandon barash, laura wright, sebastian roche, tyler, maurice, julie, megan, ingo, sarah... Really everybody is amazing."

Sami "What type of storyline would you like to see for Marty?"

Andrew "As for a storyline, marty has already been established as a character who always gets caught in the middle. mostly between carly and jax. i think it would be really interesting if marty had a love interest that somehow got him involved with things that were way too big for him. think of jeff daniels character in the movie "something wild". he's a regular guy who falls head over heels for a bad girl, which gets him in way too deep. and then some of the big boys could start manipulating marty, playing him against each other. marty, would then have all kinds of moral dilemmas trying to reconcile what he thinks is right and what he feels in his heart.
Anyway, that's what i'd write. the real writers are actually much better at this stuff. after all, they created marty in the first place. I never could have come up with marty "mcfarty". lol."

Andrew sounds like a truly wonderful man, and I think we should do our best to help him save his job. That's why I was hoping by asking him questions it would really get fans to take more notice and get to know him. He may not be a headliner of the show but at least he appreciates his fans and is a kind gentlemen.

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