Friday, March 20, 2009

Help Save Andrew T Lee's Job!

Andrew T Lee has sent on Myspace messages for his fans to write in and Save Andrew T Lee's (Marty) job. Early this morning I checked my Myspace and I received the following:

"Hi Sami,

Thanks again for all of your support and for watching General
Hospital. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is not immune to the effects
of the economy, and like everywhere else, budgets are tight. And now it seems
that my character, Marty, has become one of the casualties of this far-reaching
financial crisis.I greatly enjoy playing this character and am most appreciative
of all the people who have enjoyed watching him as the manager of the
MetroCourt. And because of that, I want to give one final effort to save Marty.
That's why I’m asking all my friends and fans to write a letter to General
Hospital and ABC, requesting to keep my character Marty as part of the show. If
you write in, you can talk about how long you've been a fan, who you favorite
characters are, and perhaps even suggest a storyline for Marty. All letters can
be addressed to:General HospitalABC-TV4151 Prospect AvenueHollywood, CA
90027Also, as a token of my appreciation, I’d be more than happy to send you an
autographed headshot. Just reply with your address and I’ll put it in the mail
ASAP. Thanks again, and if you see me as Marty again, you'll know that our
efforts have been fruitful.

Best Regards,

Andrew "

I really do like Andrew's character Marty and I will strongly appreciate if you'd write in, call or email GH and let the powers of be know that even though this character isn't front and center we still appreciate the character and don't want them to be written off because of financial woes. General Hospital has no problem with bringing all these new people in, but why do they always have to cut. So Please write in.

Anne Sweeney Co-chairman of Disney Media Networks:

Brian Frons

Robert Guza, Headwriter
General Hospitalc/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television Network
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.Burbank, CA 91521

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime ABC, Inc
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

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