Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spoilers 4/15

*Billy Dee Williams Back to GH. Click here for Article

  • "The search for an actor to fill the role of Dante (Sonny and Olivia's son) has begun anew. The character is described as charming, flirtateous, and arrogant. He is a loner who comes with plenty of complications. In the audition script one of those complications is said to include regret over sleeping with someone close to Sonny, someone he has been paid to guard, someone he has grown to care for... Not always, but quite often the scenes that appear in the audition script do eventually play out in some form in the storyline. Sometimes the names of the characters in the audition script are changed in a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters in case the script gets out. In the past I have seen both the name of the character being auditioned for changed, and/or the names of the characters they play against changed in scenes from audition scripts. I do have a copy of the Dante audition script so I know which female character he is playing against in the scene. I will tell you this is an older woman." Remember the rumors of Carly falling for her guard, could Dante sleep with Carly?
  • Holly comes to town to tell Luke the truth. Luke thinks he is Ethan's father. Holly being in town will cause problems for Tracy and Luke.
  • Ric lost his mother to Sonny and refuses to lose a potential child as well. Ric will make drastic decisions to find out if he is the father.

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