Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spoilers 4/16

  • There will be a nice JaSam scene after Jason is hurt.
  • Lots of JaSam scenes end of May, they will be working on investigating Michael's shooting and talk about their past.
  • Sam tells Spinelli that she still has feelings for him and they resurfaced when Jason got hurt.
  • JaSam's moment will be coming after explosion.
  • Holly's stay is breif she will come to town and we'll learn about her working with Helena.
  • Luke wants Ethan to take a paternity test but Ethan refuses.
  • Scrubs will share a nice talk and commit to each other and Emma.
  • Robin and Patrick clash in the OR. Robin lies about a therapy session she didn't attend.
  • We'll soon see Patrick and Robin in couples therapy. Will Robin let Emma's stroller roll down some stairs.
  • Robin goes away for treatment, at this time Kimberly McCullough will be on a 3 week vacation.
  • Ric is left with no options.
  • Carly tries to reassure Jax.
  • Jax continues to keep the info on Michael a secret.
  • Jerry tries to undo some of the damage the DVD has caused.
  • Matt and Maxie continue to spend time together.
  • Maxie tries to get Lulu fired.
  • Liz is at Jake's because of something she hears about Jason. Nik and Liz kiss, Nik lifts Liz up on the pool table. They are advised to take it to a room when they are on their way someone sees them.
  • When Sonny finds out Claudia is pregnant he tells her this should not of happened but because it has we need to deal with it.
  • Johnny hooks up with Ric's attorney. Daytime Confidential mentions this also.
  • Johnny realizes if he goes in might as well go all the way.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love reading about JaSam scenes!! I've be hoping for a long time that they will eventually get back together & I really thought after everything that happened with sam & liz that there was no chance of that happening but its gonna & I'm so happy. I really glad I found this website cause I've been anxious to know if anything was gonna happen with them 2. I think I can wait 1 more month to finally get my wish.