Wednesday, June 10, 2009


SID -Set Your DVR!
Is Spinelli really over Maxie?

Sam could be way over her head with a new case on Monday June 15th, and Jason comes to her with his concerns about Michael on Tuesday June 16th.

Maxie works with Spinelli to try to solve a mystery on Wed, June 17th, while Olivia finds herself concerned about someone she cares about on Friday June 19th.

Tragedy could come to call when Morgan's life is put in danger Monday June 22nd, and Ric is absolutely up to no good on Tuesday June 23rd. How will Sonny's brother react when things don't work out the way he hoped on Thursday June 25th .

And things come full circle on Friday June 26th when Spinelli decides to put the breaks on with Maxie. Wait, did we read that right? Spinelli is the one slowing things down?

Here are some other interesting tidbits:
The walls are closing in on Claudia. Claudia's attempt at protecting herself puts someone she loves in danger!
Moment of Weakness
Although it looks like Sonny might have wised up to his wife, he catches her talking to her tummy & decides not to throw her out of the house. "Sonny has a human side" says MB.

Meanwhile after Kristina & Michael narrowly avoid a car accident, they & later Carly all show up at Sonny's to decide where he should live.

Claudia, surprisingly says he should live with Carly. She knows hes remembering stuff and wants to keep S&C on her good side.

Mommie Dearest
The anti-christ does go home with Cujo, but there is still tension. There is also tension at Sonny's house when Ric shows up. He wants to talk about who is the baby daddy. This sparks a heated conversation b/t S&C2, claudia claims not to care who the baby daddy is...she just wants to love her baby (yeah, right!)

Jax tries to talk to Kristina about Michael, and Jason talks to Sam about Kristina since he found her with a joint. He says Sam should talk to her since she's got a wild side too.

Sam is also on a case with Spinelli, Maxie &Jason. She figures out the person she's been paid to tail was actually the mayors wife & his illfated mistress. Although it looks like the mistress slipped in the show, it looks like she might have been attacked.

Claudias deadly plot
with Mob meeting coming up, sonny sends Jason to attend...with Johnny. Sonny suggests if things go awry to use his travel companion as a human shield.

Sonny does not know things are likely to go awry because of Claudia b/c she wants to get Jason out of the way b/c he knows about her connection to Michael's shooting. Claudia arranges for Jason to be shot at the meeting.

In the end, shots are fired, four people are killed and Michael makes a shocking decision that will change everything!

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