Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rumors 6/11

*Finally back from Vacation, and I'm glad to be back. Arizona is beautiful I was able to visit the Grand Canyon, Sedona, LA (the walk of fame), San Diego and Seaworld. Had a blast and it just flew by. The flights were a little rough. My flights were delayed yesterday and I was stuck in Kentucky and Maryland for awhile but finally I made it home. I want to thank Fammy for the wonderful job she did while I was away. I found myself peaking at her posts to see what I was missing. Thank You Fammy!!!!! I would say todays post is more rumors because I don't know what is going on with GH I have to catch up when I get out of work.

Emma Samms to return again!
Ted King to return in July
Is Jax getting a long lost sister?
Jason decides he wants to be apart of Jake's life.
Does Johnny know Dominic?

Like I said I just need a day or so to catch up!!!

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Fammy said...

Your most welcome welcome back...