Monday, June 1, 2009


Well here are a few things on the rumormill today.....

Jason & Sam

Claudia and Michael/Kristina do bring Jason/Sam closer.
It is rumored that we should look for some interesting comparisons whenSam comments soon that she doesn't want Kristina to go down the same destructive path that she went down. To make choices early on in her life that she will regret forever. The Jason comments on his comparision with Michael. Why he gets what Michael is going through, and how when he woke up he felt the need to break free and find himself. The rebellion is normal but he now gets why everyone worried the way they did.
Sam and Jason do their best to keep Kristina and Michael out of trouble but get into some trouble of their own
Spinelli gives Jason the evidence to bury Claudia

Michael is home from the hospital JUNE 12th!
Michael storms out of Carly's house.
Michael loses it when he hears Claudia was arguing with his mother over him before the accident.
There is talk of Michael/Kristina and a possible romance but wether they go down that route one thing is for sure these two will be the most unreasonable bratty kids this summer...must be the teen thing!
Michael is reunited with Morgan.
Michael tells Claudia he’s starting to remember things.
Michael receives physical therapy from an Arizona Diamondback!

Kristina does get a first hand glimpse of Claudia's mind games and gives her a warning. She is also what I would say very passive aggressive towards Sonny and his situation in life.
The comment about Alexis trying to keep Kristina away from Sonny I saw was interesting. Kristina's only interest in being apart of Sonny's life is to stir up some mischief, the more they tell her to stay out of trouble and not get so close with Michael. The more she and Michael defy them.
Does Helena visit Kristina? SOD says so!

Rebecca is one cool cat when it comes to playing her game. She remains aloof with the Quartermaines and poses to others if it's right to accept their offer to get closer to them just because she's Emily's twin. Something deep down she's always wanted. You also finds out that Rebecca secretly dared Alexis on purpose so that Alexis would find out the truth about Emily being her twin. It was her plan all along. Nikolas and LuLu both catch Ethan and Rebecca and they cover, but both are suspicious. Especially LuLu. Rebecca does get more and more worried as she realizes that she's gotten truely interested in Nikolas. She almost blows her cover when she shows her outward rage that Emily got the privileged life and she struggled.
Helena could possibly be rebeccas biggest downfall and ruin all possible dreams for rebecca.

Claudia hires a henchman to take care of some business. RUMOR: Is he more connected to port charles than we know?
Johnny tells Claudia to shut up about Olivia or he'll spill the beans to Sonny.
When Carly hears Claudia and Johnny discussing Michael at GH, she charges UP THE STAIRS to confront them. They both fall down
Claudia finds out Olivia's secret
Claudia tries to turn Michael against Carly
Claudia learns that Jason has a tape of her ordering the hit on Jerry

Johnny is going to fall hard for Olivia. You will begin to see during the second week of June.
Johnny finds out about Dante. Johnny attempts to help Olivia, while the other Zacchara sibling has other plans. Look for Claudia and Johnny to butt heads over this.
Johnny warns Claudia not to harm Olivia

Olivia is the one that makes Sonny think the baby may be Ric's!

Dante?/New Guy
Chris is Dante does he know Sam or Kate?
Rumors say that Claudias partner in crime will show upat the end of June and we willl soon learn that he actually has four other connections in town. Two are easy to figure out. One he doesn't know about but that last one, is a surprise and you have to sit back and go hmmmm!! SOUNDS LIKE AN INTERESTING SUMMER!!

She files for divorce but its nothing but a plot point. She will be involved in the lulu Ethan storyline while luke is away.

Carly & Jax
Carjax are in pretty good shape too. Michael and Morgan are going to pull Sonny and Carly together and that's going to create a strain on Carjax but they are not likely to end up divorced or broken up before November.

We all know that Matt gets in trouble when a certain lady dies on his table which leads him to drink, there is a rumor that matt plants a big one on Robin and she takes a second or two to pull back...does this mean that Patrick hangs with Liz!

Liz calms Lucky down after he witnesses Luke kissing Holly she gets him to forgive Luke
Liz/Lucky main story will revolve around rebecca/Nik and Ethan/Lulu story

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