Monday, June 1, 2009


Johnny realizes he feels more for Olivia than just an attraction. He sets out to protect her from Claudia and is willing to give himself and Claudia up if it means keeping her safe
Sonny can't let his anger at Johnny go

Alexis asks for Sam's help in dealing with Kristina

Ethan questions why Lulu is so interested in what he is doing with Rebecca. Lulu says its because of Nikolas.

Claudia wants to use Maxie to get Olivia away from Johnny

Perhaps we will have a Fed in the family!!
How does Sam know Dante? Supposedly she fished him out of the water when she was on her steamer shortly before she came to Port Charles. He was on his first assignment, someone had shot him and thrown him to the fishes. Think Jason Bourne.!

Lucky and Elizabeth grow close, but one isnt as keen as the other!

Jason tells Claudia to watch her back as there will be a time when her guard is down and she will pay!
Kristina wants to get her fathers attention and annoy her mother, she begins to annoy Jason and Sam has to intervene and tell her to back off, then comes the sister talk, does Kristina listen!.
Spinelli comments how it is nice to see Sam and Jason as friends again , Sam agrees and says she has missed Jason in her life.Jason is more oblique with his reply!
Is Jason as good an enforcer as people believe, what if a mistake he made comes back to haunt him and not only that but devastate him by taking what he values most !
On Wednesday this is rumored to be the conversation - “Is that a gun in your pocket, Jason, or are you just happy to see me?” asks Kristina. “It’s a gun,” responds Jason.
I have to concur that the plan is for Jason and Sam to go romantic,i know this has been repeatedly said over recent months but as soon as Kelly Monaco finishes her Las Vegas show and returns from her vacation, you will see romance in the "afternoon" via Jason and Sam and it will happen quickly ,almost as though it happened "overnight"!!
Jason sees Sam and Dante talking and gets jealous - Not jealous, but suspicious.!

Ethan and Rebecca are talking and someone is listening to the conversation, could Port Charles finally realize the truth?

Robin and patrick enjoy a family day with Emma and some alone time together but this is Port Charles and angst is never far away for anyone!

Jason and Elizabeth are "outlined" to have a huge argument over Sam, Lucky, Rebecca.
There is No outline for Jason and Elizabeth to be reunited. Jason and SAM are still the story until there is no story. Everyone agrees, until JaSam have enough screen time to see if the pairing will work, no changes will be made. The fight as you call it will be to set the stage for the new pairings to move on. This is how thing's will remain at least until Nov. sweeps. If Steve B. does not re-sign then obviously thing's will be tweaked but it will not favor or slight either pairing but be about his job not his personal life .
Rumor's of Greg V. leaving are not as serious as you may think. Exec's have been talking to GV about a possible S/l to begin in the fall to keep him from leaving. Basically telling him the summer will be about the tweens and Lucky/Liz will be involved in the Nik/Reb/Ethan/ story.
The Helena/Luke part of the story will bring Luke/Lucky and Ethan to a better place in the fall.

"Look for Steve Burtons personal appearances in the next couple of weeks and maybe a few surprise guests, maybe Steve will "drop" some "i would like to see, or maybe Jason would.." hints!!"

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