Saturday, June 6, 2009


the weekend is slow guys, this is all I am posting for today.


Micheal looses control of his emotions after he overhears something he wasn't suppose to.

Claudia looses her baby. Claudia has a breakdown.

Watch for the 4th. That will tell the story of the Ethan/Rebecca/Nikolas triangle.
The 4th party. I'm told its a Guza standard in triangles. One of the guys will start sharing scenes with another female, in a platonic fashion, on a regular basis, and that is a big sign that Guza is going with the other pairing. I don't know who the female is, or which guy she'll be sharing with, but I"m told it's coming up within the next few weeks and its not suppose to be Lulu or Alexis, or anyone else 'in the family' as it were.

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