Thursday, June 4, 2009


The adventure plays out third week of June-- as I've said before. Which you now know via SOD, Sam gets in trouble with her new case June 15th. Remember, Jason gets involved because of Sam's PI business (I believe this was also in the mags). It's a 2 week arc that plays over 7 days-- due to time contraints with Kelly's schedule.

Liz is not in the hospital scenes surrounding Michael's physical therapy before he goes home to Carly/Jax.
Do you know if Liz is involved in the hospital drama more than just being in the OR with Matt during the botched surgery?
Not so far. She's in on the surgery. From there, it is Robin, Patrick, Matt, Alexis, the mayor and his wife who are involved. Diane also gets pulled in.
Elizabeth is doubting Rebecca again and she shares more scenes with Alexis, also she has to try and placate Lucky when he gets "stirred" up again over Ethan.

Michael attacks Monica when she interrupts yet another physical therapy session- cutting it short. Jason comes in to put a stop to it and Michael strikes him in the midst of his fit. This leads to a conversation between Monica and Jason about the mistakes Monica wishes she wouldn't have made when Jason was recovering.

Watch for an increase of airtime for Maxie and Spinelli. They are considered the "" It couple" of the show. They will be involved in almost all the stories. They are counting on high viewership for their next highly promoted "" love/sex"" scene. Do not look for much more of Matt after the 24th of June. The next two weeks are used to move him even more out of the canvas of the show.

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