Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extra GH info 6/11/09

I know Sami is back and I am so happy but I thought I would post this drop from SD Insider as my swan song last post!!!...its been great posting here, thank you for letting me try to fill your shoes Sami!:

There isn't going to be any story with Jason and Liz and Jake at all.
There will be some things in late summer with Jason questioning his choices but he again decides the life he chose for his son is the safest. It isn't even a big storyline arc, more of he and Sam discussing their lives and the choices they've both made. Sam questions her own life choices, her own self-destructive behavior as she tries to help Kristina.
Neither Kristina nor Michael have anything to do with Liz at all. The Michael and Kristina story brings Jason and Sam together in ways neither was before and that is how they reestablish their romantic connection, but that doesn't happen until September.
Nik is going to turn to Liz and Lucky more as more comes out about Rebecca. A surprising person is going to discover the truth about Rebecca and try to inform Nik. The con is exposed by someone who recognizes the breed.
Lucky is going to have some real struggles when Luke gets back in town and he sees both Lulu and Luke bond with Nathan in ways that they haven't bonded with him since his return from Faison.
Other good things are coming but I just wanted to actually address the total misinformation.

Now it's September. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes it is September. It will set up a storyline arc that has been on the table since last fall. The only wait is when both actors can devote the time to it. It will be a major storyline that will affect Jason and Sam and Michael and Kristina. Something bad will happen to Kristina as a direct result of poor choices.

That is all I'm going to drop. But don't be surprised when the setup is laid out in mid-August.

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Your still welcome to come back and post whenever you would like. I really appreciate everything =D