Monday, June 22, 2009

Spoilers 6/22

  • Leaves his family behind and explores PC.
  • Dominic interacts with Michael and Morgan about video games, but Carly doesn't like them talking to strangers. I believe this is when Dominic tries to take Morgan.
  • Dominic shows up at Claudia's doorstep.
  • Kristina tries to make Dominic feel at home. He returns the favor by making Kristina feel better than ever. (I believe he gives her drugs)
  • Dominic comes in contact with three people who seem familiar to him.
Political Scandal...
  • The Mayor gives a press conference after Mac charges him for murder. He says the DA is after him because he ditched their affair to be with Brianna.
  • Andrea is on a warpath with Ric right by her side.
  • Kristina does not forgive Alexis for this and calls her a hypocrite.
  • Mac and Rayner work together to find the truth.
  • The Mayor may have more the one ex-mistress.
  • Alexis prepares for the worst case scenario. She turns to a surprising person to set up arrangements.
  • Alexis tries to ease Molly's fears.
  • Robin and Patrick review Brianna's autopsy and they learn Brianna was murdered. Scrubs meet with the Mayor and tell them about Brianna's autopsy. He swears he wasn't the one to kill her. Robin then finds Andrea verbally attacking Mac, and accuses him of ruining the mayor's career. Ric and Andrea''s plan is going perfect when Matt hires Ric as his lawyer in the malpractice suit.

  • Anthony Zacharra is rumored to return to PC where he'll drop hints about Claudia's child. Claudia is rumored to have a son she gave up for adoption and he could be coming to PC.
  • Claudia gave a son away when she was a teenager. It'll be revealed shortly after the birth of her child in November. There is also a wedding taking place in November it is NOT Liason or JaSam.
  • Claudia is convinced her child is a son because of the one she gave up but she ends up having a daughter???
  • Dominic maybe blackmailing Claudia and he sticks close to Kristina.
  • Claudia learns that Olivia has a son with Sonny.
  • Michael knows who ordered the hit but decides to keep quiet about what he knows he doesn't want to upset Carly and doesn't want to put Sonny in an impossible situation.
  • Michael continues to try to adjust to his new life.
  • Sam makes a plea to Kristina for Alexis' benefit.
  • There will be more to them then just sex, A relationship could be coming.
  • Ethan will use Liz to get at Rebecca.
  • Liz remains vigilant in her quest to prove Rebecca is a fraud.
  • Rebecca accuses Liz of secretly wanting Nikolas. This leads to a big altercation.
  • Ethan stands by Luke while Lucky warns him that Luke is not a father to place hope in.

Interesting From DD:
End of July into August proves eventful for Port Charles own Honey West.
Business picks up in a big way but some of it hits a little too close to home as she is forced to use her professional acumen to resolve a nasty little family problem.
In the meantime she finds the time to issue a little friendly, although not particularly well-received, advice to Gidget on Crack and Red Chief.
On the bright side romance picks up as she plays Ilsa to a Chevy Chase Rick who says "out of all the gin joints in the world she had to walk in one where I"m sitting at the bar"" and later an old flame says "Wanna play it again, Sam?"
Honey West=Sam
Gidget on Crack=Kristina
Red Chief=Michael
Chevy Chase Rick=Domante
Old Flame=Jason

Jack Sparrow is one bad pissed off dude next week.
He spies on Scotty and Madeline and can't decide if he's more upset about getting screwed out of love or screwed out of money.
In the meantime Nancy DRew is hot on the case and Madeline is sick of her accusations. (Especially since most of them are true.)
OK, Krystal and Alexis they ain't but they do the best they can.
Jack Sparrow jumps in the middle and pisses Madeline off by siding with Krystal, er, Nancy.
Nancy figures its a good time to get to know Deputy Dawg's brother and hopefully get some good info on Madeline so she plays it for what its worth
Jack Sparrow thinks you can't con a con but he decides to let her try anyway, especially since its pissing Madeline off. He's plays it cool but that damned Nancy Drew is just so freakin' cute and beguiling that he lets something slip in spite of his best intentions. Unfortunately for Nancy DRew, proving the point to Scottie is going to cause a little(translate lot of) pain for Deputy Dawg. Fortunately, she doesn't have to worry about what to do for long because Not Cleopatra shows up in town and makes an offer Jack Sparrow and Madeline can't refuse.
Jack Sparrow = Ethan
Scotty/Madeline = Nikolas/Rebecca
Nancy Drew = Liz
Deputy Dawg = Lucky
Not Cleopatra = Helena

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