Friday, June 26, 2009

Spoilers 6/26

Rumor " Look for a big announcement from Daytime Emmy producer ATI on Monday involving Susan Lucci, Anthony Geary and Kelly Monaco. Stay tuned."

Political Scandal...
  • Jason gets brought in to the Police for questioning.
  • Diane warns Alexis the emails are to be made public.
  • Dominic goes to Kristina for help when Johnny won't help him with access to Sonny's organization.
  • Spinelli lies to Maxie.
  • Maxie tries to seduce Spinelli, Spinelli tells her their relationship doesn't involve Sex.
  • Colemon asks Spinelli and Maxie for help making the bar more profitable.
  • Spinelli tries to woo Maxie.
  • Spinelli learns that in the show her voice could serenade and plans on taking that to Jake's for Karaoke night to serenade Maxie.
  • Rebecca shows up at Nik's with a scary movie for the two of them to watch together. When Rebecca sees Ethan spying on them she makes an excuse to leave Nik and confronts Ethan. Ethan tries to focus Rebecca by telling her Nik is just a mark not her conquest. To prove Rebecca is loyal she pulls Ethan in for a kiss. Ethan becomes angry when Rebecca tells him she is spending the night with Nik. Liz finds Ethan at Jake's drunk who spills all about the con. Nik asks Rebecca to move in and she agrees but quickly disappears when Ethan tells her he'll blow it all if she doesn't meet him. Lulu and Nik have misconceptions about Ethan and Rebecca.
  • Rumor
    "Rebecca ends up pregnant by Lucky.

    When Nikolas finds out about the con, Elizabeth "comforts" him which Lucky finds out about. Rebecca explains all to Lucky. Angry at the world, Lucky & Rebecca do the do & she ends up pregnant. While that is going on certain things start to happen with Rebecca that will make the audience think she's Emily. Rebecca remembers something from her past, but she can't put the face to the voice."

  • How will AZ react with the news that he'll be a grandfather?
  • Carly is upset when she learns Sonny bought Michael an expensive sports car. Jason manages to convince Carly to let Michael keep it. Carly tells Sonny it is best if Michael lives with the Q's. Sonny is reluctant and wants Michael to live somewhere else. Jason isn't crazy about the idea but atleast they'll know Michael is safe. Jax then is able to blackmail Claudia into telling Sonny its a good idea for Michael to get to know the Q's better. Claudia then turns the tables on Jax and tells him Carly would be crushed if she knew Jax was keeping this secret from her. Sonny continues to fight it but eventually allows Michael to live with the Q's. Jason tells Edward why he can't move in with the Q's. Michael is able to wrap Edward around his finger. Carly panics when she learns that Edward allowed Michael to take Morgan for a ride in the new sportscar.

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