Monday, June 29, 2009

Spoilers 6/29

  • Rumors say that before Kelly Monaco agreed to do Peepshow, Jerry's character would tie into reuniting JaSam. Is Sebestian Roche's return coincidence, or apart of JaSam's reunion?

  • Sam shares a scene with Liz. Sam shows up at the Haunted Star after a conversation with Liz about Ethan and Rebecca.

  • Rumor Jason will be jealous of Sam and Dante's previous relationship.

  • Rumors Jason and Sam move in together after they find Michael and Kristina. They also are said to get a new house guest around September.

  • Jason gets a mysterious call.

  • Jason visits Anthony.


  • Nik will be devestated when he learns the truth and turns to a suprising person, Liz????
  • Ethan threatens Rebecca.


  • Johnny begins to get jealous when he realizes all the pressure Sonny is putting on Olivia.


  • Dante works for Sonny.
  • Olivia learns that Dante is in Port Charles.
  • Dante reassures Olivia by telling her he is a good ganster.
  • Dante looks for Kristina.


  • Carly collapses.

Political Scandal...

  • Alexis is removed as district attorney.
  • Alexis' and Mayor Floyd's emails come to light.
  • Andrea works overtime trying to keep certain evidence under wraps.

Michael & Kristina...

  • Molly and Kristina bond.
  • Michael takes Morgan for a ride in his new whip.
  • Q's give into everything for Michael.

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