Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spoilers 6/30

  • Jason visits Anthony to get some dirt on Claudia.

  • Dante is in town and is much more like his father then Olivia would like. Dante tries to get a job in Sonny's organizaton. Olivia finds herself drawn to Sonny.
  • SoapNet Confirms Dominic is Dante.

Michael & Kristina...

  • While the parents are away, Michael will play??? Now, with his parents out of the way Michael is finally allowed to do what he wants. Well, the Q's are so happy to have him Edward gives in to any demand. Carly and Sonny get him his license, he has his car and whats going to come next? Big trouble for Michael. Huge! It's going to effect Carly, Sonny, Alexis, Jason, Kristina and even Jerry.
  • Kristina gets into trouble with Kiefer.
  • With both Michael and Kristina driving around PC without a license, I'm gonna make a good guess that the tragedy there running from is accidently hitting someone while driving. Who will be the not so lucky PC resident? I'm hearing that Sonny throws his mobular weight around and gets Kristina and Michael off the hook. There has been many rumors about who would get hit including Kate, and Lucky. We can assume if it is Kate she'll either die or leave town. Previous rumors said that Kate would try to spill a secret before losing consciousness. Newer rumors are saying it may be a kid that gets hit. How about Kristina's boy toy Kiefer? Rumors suggest that Kristina is driving but Michael takes the fall for his little sister. So IMO Kiefer seems like the most likely outcome of the hit and run. So what does Michael do after he takes the blame? Well of course he runs away. Michael and Kristina hit the open road, but don't count Uncle Jason and Big Sis Sam out of the picture. We all know Jason will use his Spidy Sence and track the kids down.

Political Scandal...

  • With Spinelli's help Robin begins to think that Andrea is behind Brianna's death. Andrea learns of this and begins to frame Alexis! Alexis is then suspended as District Attorney and she has to work overtime to clear her name.
  • Kristina loses all faith in her mother.


  • What is Claudia going to do? She has Jax blackmailing her, Jason wanting to destroy her what does she want to do? Another one of her infamous plans which Johnny warns her not to do.
  • Sonny is devestated that Michael is living with the Q's.
  • Claudia plays Sonny telling her that she would never take their baby away from him.
  • Rumor from Wubs. Is the lady that comes to PC to die Dominica, Claudia's mother. Is she a Cassadine.
  • Rumor AZ makes Claudia a deal she can't refuse.


  • Patrick gives Spinelli tips before Karaoke night.
  • Spinelli decides to go to Karaoke night at Jake's with lots of PC inhabitants taking a crack at the Microphone. Spinelli does this to impress Maxie and it works. They hit the sheets without Maxie having alterior motives.
  • Hearing Spixie fans are finally getting what they've been asking for.


  • Ethan starts putting the screws to Rebecca informing her that this is a Con not a fairy tale. Too bad Rebecca is content in following her twin's footsteps. Ethan informs her that she needs to start bringing in money but Ethan knows the relationship between Nik and Rebecca will lead to trouble. Ethan than threatens to out Rebecca to Nik. What does Rebecca do? Move in with the Q's.
  • Sexual tension between Nik and Liz??? Hearing they share a kiss July 24th in the GH boardroom.


  • Carly's high risk pregnancy is about to get riskier. Whats making her blood pressure so high?


  • Robin and Patrick sing at Karaoke night.!

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