Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why so Many Ex-Vets Going Elsewhere!

It really makes me upset when I learn that both Lynn Herring and Wally Kurth both probably would of come back to GH but another Soap snagged them up instead. Don't the writers' know that we love when our ex-Stars come back after years to show up in PC. As many of you already know Lynn Herring (Ex-Lucy) will be playing playing Henry Coleman's mother beginning July 24. Lynn Herring said she would've gladly returned to GH in the last 6 years if anyone had asked her. Too bad Guza too bad. Wally Kurth (Ex-Ned Ashton) is returning to Days Of Our Lives in his old role of Justin Kiraikis. I think most GH fans would be estatic if anyone of these two characters returned.

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