Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spoilers 6/18

  • Rumors from DD "Jasam is coming barring some unforeseen catastrophe(or miracle, depending on how you like it. Some will see it has a catastrophe (haters) or miracle (Fans) meaning pregnancy"
  • Jason wants Sam's help with Kristina and Michael, hearing they will come together after they help them.
  • Someone from Sam's past appears in PC.
  • Pay close attention to JaSam scenes in July when they discuss past mistakes.
  • Alexis is rumored to lay on some suppressed anger at Sam.
  • Jason and Sam make a promise to each other in August.
  • Liz is disappointed when Jason so easily believes Rebecca's story.
Political Scandal...
  • Sam informs Spinelli that Mrs. Floyd had hired her to to look into the connection
    between the mayor and his mistress. Despite finding evidence of money transfers between the mayor and his mistress, which could indicate blackmail,Spinelli still harbors suspicions that Matt was responsible for Brianna's death.
  • After Mac arrests Floyd for murder, the Mayor makes an announcement that he and Alexis had an affair while she was married to DA Lansing.
  • Rumors say Alexis gets a little drunk and goes off on Sam in front of Jason, Sonny, Nik, Rebecca and Liz. This later leads to a very emotional discussion between Alexis and Sam where they discuss their past mistakes.
  • Sam gets dragged into the Political Scandal.
  • Ric believes everything is going right for him.
Euthanasia S/l...
  • Late July a very sick women comes into GH. She has come to PC to die, But not before she is able to reveal a secret that impacts the Cassadine family. The secret involves a Birth Certificate from decades ago, most likely the one Helena stole from the painting.

  • Will Claudia move out of Sonny's? Rumors say yes!
Jason/Johnny shootout...
  • Johnny is in a position to eliminate Jason in order to save himself.
  • Johnny helps Jason.
  • Michael decides he wants to leave Carly's and Morgan tries to follow him and ends up in a bad situation.
  • Dominic was hired by Claudia to kill Jason snatches little Morgan.
  • Rumors/Wishful thinking I'm hearing there is a paternity secret involving Liz.
  • Lucky takes it on himself to investigate Ethan.
  • Liz spends a lot of time with Nik this summer.
  • Nik continues to turn to Liz for help, Will it lead to more?
  • Jax and Jason are concerned about Claudia around Carly, Jax attempts to blackmail Claudia.
  • The teen scene will begin to expand this summer when we meet the friends of Michael and Kristina.
  • Sonny Clashes with Michael.
Summer Returns:
  • Sebastian Roche and Constance Towers are rumored to return again this summer.

Contract Negotiations:
Steve Burton
Kelly Monaco
Jason Thompson
Kimberly McCullough

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