Monday, July 13, 2009

Spoilers 7/13

From Mike Gonzalez's Facebook. Kemo is on her way to Africa.
(Notice the bandage on her right finger. Rumors say she injured it during scenes
with Sebastian Roche.)

  • Jason visits Anthony.
  • Dominic works Jason into trusting him.
  • Jason asks Sam to check into Dominic.
  • Sam's big heels and a flight of stairs bring Sam and Jason closer together.
  • Sam teaches Jason how to hitch hike.
  • Sam will be presumed dead after an explosion that was set up by Jerry.
  • Jason and Sam share a kiss in early August.
  • Rumors say Jason will be spending more time with Jake by Fall. Sam will also be spending time with Jake.
  • Rumors Could Sam be connected to Uncle Rudy??? He's coming to town and is connected to five people Claudia, Johnny and Dante. Could Alexis and Sam also be connected?
  • Dante pays someone to steal Jason's SUV.
  • Michael shoots Dante in the leg.
  • Olivia watches as Sonny offers Dante a job.
  • Olivia wants Dante to quit.
  • Johnny questions Olivia's relationship to Sonny's newest employee.
  • Carly suffers pains and is rushed to the hospital with Jax.
  • Kelly gives Carly a dire warning.
  • Carly receives a serious diagnosis.
  • Jax is forced to wait.
  • Jerry seeks out Jax and offers to get rid of all his problems.
  • Carly and Jax learn the sex of the baby.
  • Jerry causes some serious trouble.
  • Robin almost falls down the hospital stairs. Patrick injures his finger rescuing her.
  • Claudia learns Jason told Sonny about her part in the shooting and went to Olivia for comfort.
  • Claudia confronts Sonny about being with Olivia when she sees there is lipstick on his shirt.
  • Claudia delivers a mysterious envelope to Kelly Lee's office.
  • Claudia puts her life before her baby's.
  • Claudia calls Uncle Rudy for more info on Dominic.
  • Claudia learns Dominic is Dante. Olivia and Sonny's child.
  • Claudia finds Jerry sipping champagne in Sonny's house.
  • Sonny tells Johnny that Olivia wants him.
  • Rumors say there testing Dante and Claudia.
  • Rebecca and Liz lash out at each other.
  • Ethan blackmails Rebecca. He wants $10,000.
  • Ethan goes to Nik.
  • Rebecca and Edward make a pact He gives her a loan as long as she'll move into the Q's.
  • Nik is disappointed when he learns about Rebecca's decision.
  • Rebecca is shocked when Nik calls her Emily.
  • Helena arrives and Pressure Rebecca.
  • Sonny's support for Alexis takes an ugly turn.
  • Kate surprises Maxie with a promotion.
  • Kiefer causes problems for Michael with the country club president.
  • Kiefer provoked Michael into hitting him .
  • Kiefer doesn't take no for an answer.
  • Michael remembers Claudia's confession but keeps it to himself when he believes shes losing her baby through Karma.

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