Friday, July 10, 2009

Please Some Tell Me What Happened This week on GH.

I barely got to watch any GH this week. Tuesday was Michael Jackson's Funeral, Wednesday my TV was taken over by tornado warnings so then i recorded it on SoapNet at 10pm. On Thursday because MJ's funeral screwed up all the air dates Wednesday episode was named the same as Thursday epi so my DVR didn't record it because it has the same name as the previous days episode that was in my saved file. After that I decided to DVR them during the early morning episodes. You know what my boyfriend does? He deletes them all today... Very disappointing. Well needless to say I recorded them all Sunday and I'm praying they actually record. I've only watched about 20 minutes worth of GH all week.

Anything good on GH this week?


Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog so much!

This is a link to a youtube user who posts every gh episode (each day is in 7 parts, so be sure to watch all of them) and I thought you'd like it.

Anonymous said...

I thought general hospital happenings was the most informative site but your site totally blows them out of the water, honestly!