Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spoilers 7/15 UPDATED

* Oh man exhausted from Harry Potter. Got home at 3 work at 7. Long day today.

  • Dominic tries to get Jason to trust him.
  • Sam has second thoughts about spending so much time with Jason with all their history.
  • Jason will admit that despite everything Sam has been one of the only people that he felt he could trust which is why it hurt so much when everything went so wrong.
  • Sam is "dead" for 4 days in August.
  • Jason will show his true feelings for Sam when he believes she is dead.
  • Rumors hint at a kiss between the two.
  • When Liz learns that Sam is "dead" she brings Jake to see Jason and makes an heartfelt apology.
  • Liz talks about how she thought Lucky died in the fire, and Jason decides to go look for Sam.
  • Liz talks to Nik about Jason and Sam and the mistakes shes made and the people she's hurt.
  • Sam won't be on-screen so the spoiler free will actually believe she is dead.
  • Jason has scenes with a lot of people about Sam including Robin, Carly, Sonny, Alexis, Max, Kristina, Maxie, Spinelli, Liz and Jake.
  • Jerry plays a huge role in their reconnection coming up in August but the lingering effects of his dastardly deeds play out well into November.
  • Carly is stroke prone. The slightest stress could cause a stroke.

  • Ethan takes his con in a new direction.
  • Liz exposes Rebecca with the help of Ethan.
  • Nik learns that Rebecca new she was a twin all along in August.
  • Nik banishes Rebecca from his life.
  • Rebecca begs to be forgiven but everyone turns there backs on her.
  • Nik goes to Liz for support and the two share a kiss.
  • After seeing Liz fighting in the park with Lucky, Nik decides giving the real Rebecca a shot.
  • Lucky and Liz are fighting about Jake being able to see Jason.
  • Ethan gets a mysterious call and abruptly leaves town.
  • Nik learns that items are missing at Wyndemere.
  • Nik thinks it was Rebecca and Ethan.
  • Lucky comes to the conclusion Ethan took off with them and goes after him.
  • Lucky and Ethan find Luke and a mysterious female.
  • Luke tells them her was kidnapped and rescued by this woman and there hiding out.
  • The 4 return to town
  • Maxie is blindsided by Spinelli's proposal.
  • Maxie panics when Mac is talking with Spinelli.
Michael & Kristina...
  • Michael has a bad feeling about Kiefer.
  • Michael remembers Claudia confessing to the shooting.
  • Jerry comes across Kiefer getting grabbing with Kristina.
  • Alexis beats up Jerry.
  • Alexis is told to stay in town.
  • Sonny feels guilty when it comes to Kristina.
  • Michael considers cutting himself off from his family.
  • Michael acts out even more when he learns he's not the eldest child anymore.
  • Sonny will be the over protective dad to his daughter when a teemage hormones come into play and the boys are interested in her.
The Accident/Revenge.
  • Kristina and Michael run away together.
  • Jason and Sam chase after them.
  • Claudia puts the pieces together and realizes Kristina and Michael could be responsible for the death of her baby. Claudia narrows the suspects down to 4 and calls Uncle Rudy for help.
  • Claudia wants revenge.
  • In return Uncle Rudy wants the Corinthos organization.
  • Dante feels like with Jason gone this is the time to make nice with Sonny.
  • Jerry feels its time for revenge and catches up with Kristina and Michael to "Help"
  • Jason and Sam find Michael, Kristina and Jerry but a gunfire breaks out.
  • Jerry grabs Sam as a hostage and runs off with her.
  • Jason has to decide to chase after Sam or continue to go after Michael. He chooses to go after Sam.
  • Dante finds Kristina and Michael and convinces them to come home after a standoff with Jerry.
  • Dante is the one to bring him home and he witnesses and heartfelt reunion with Sonny and the kids and witnesses the genuine love.
  • Michael breaks down when Sonny confronts him.
  • Dante gains Sonny's trust by bringing the kids home.
  • Dante he no idea he is Sonny's son but the man he's working for does.

  • Robin and Patrick tell Claudia the best course of action is medicine but it might kill the baby.
  • Claudia chooses Surgery instead.
  • Claudia tells Sonny that this baby means more to her than anything else.
  • Claudia gets new that the baby had died during surgery.
  • Claudia wants revenge.
  • Rumors say Sonny and Claudia will find love. Olivia is just angst and she will continue her "relationship" with Johnny after she resolves her issues with Sonny.
  • Olivia changes her mind but Sonny pushes her away.
  • Dante thinks that Sonny is Olivia's boyfriend and isn't a happy camper.
  • Is Dante working with Rayner??? rumors say Dante and Rayner meet up.
  • Claudia wants revenge on whoever hit her.
  • Claudia leans on Sonny. Sonny stays with Claudia. Claudia learns about Dante and uses that to keep Olivia away from her husband.
  • Dante reveals his secret life to Olivia. Will Olivia reveal the truth to Dante before he takes down Sonny?
Political Scandal...
  • Andrea is out for blood she uses the situation to her advantage.
  • Patrick and Robin will be taking in a teenage girl whose parents died in a car accident. Robin bonds with her by knowing what it was like when she thought her parents were dead. The girl has no one else so Patrick and Robin take her in. She'll most likely be paired with Michael.


Meghan_j said...

Love your site! Big Sam and Alexis fa;, so I hope that when they think Sam's dead, they do justice to alexis' mourning. I seriously pray that they don't just use her as prop for jason's own regret and mourning; that would be total BS.

What did you think about Harry Potter; I was disappointed. I really wish they'd play close to the book!

Sami said...

I didn't really like Harry Potter it was all built up for nothing in the end. No fight scene nothing. It was like they went to the cave fought them came back and the headmaster was killed. The End.