Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spoilers 7/16

** Just got the new EnV touch from Verizon. Amazing phone highly recommend it =D

Tamera Braun(ex-Carly3) landed a recurring role on TNT's Saving Grace.

  • Rumors does Jason tell Sam he loves her after he takes a bullet for her???
  • Rumors will Liz have sex with Nik and Lucky????
  • Rumors say Dante will be all about Lulu.
Michael & Kristina...
  • Kieffer becomes violent when Kristina refuses his advances.
  • Kristina is hurt when he blows her off to hang with a senior girl.
  • Michael goes into a rage when another car speeds past him.
  • Michael remembers Claudia's confession and doesn't tell anyone because he feels guilty for what he did.
  • Sonny and Claudia bond over the ultrasound but fight over the paternity.
  • Claudia wants revenge against Michael.

Car Accident...
  • Carly lashes out at Alexis. Carly accuses Alexis of Framing Michael.
  • Alexis has a few drinks and someone witnesses it.
  • She later drives home and her car is seen on the road.
  • After she finds out that Kristina might be the one to hit Claudia, Alexis decides to confess.
  • Alexis wasn't the one to hit Claudia she just takes the fall for her daughter.
  • Andrea Floyd uses the accident against Alexis.
  • Jerry offers to help Alexis with Andrea.
  • Diane looks out for her best friend and defends her.
  • Maxie tries to keep Spinelli from Mac. Most likely Mac hears of the engagement and we all know how protective Mac is.

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