Friday, July 17, 2009

Spoilers 7/17

*Not to much out there today but Have a Good Weekend

  • Hearing lots of Rumors they may change one of Liz's kids paternity. Everyone will assume Jake but for some reason I'm thinking it might be Cameron. Other rumors are that a paternity switch is coming but it is not Jake, it involves a character that leaves town.
  • Sonny sends Jason to apologize to Olivia but guess whose there Dante. Dante tells Olivia that he's working for Sonny.
  • Alexis goes to Sam and asks for her to erase footage of her and Andrea's argument.
  • Johnny finds Sonny and Olivia making out when he informs Sonny that the baby is his.
  • Sonny learns Johnny was correct and sees Claudia being wheeled into the ER.
  • Sonny feels guilty and stands by her.
  • Matt performs the surgery on Claudia, Johnny warns Matt.
  • Matt's procedure is a success but as Claudia and Johnny are are celebrating Dr Lee comes in to tell Claudia she lost the baby.
On The Run...
  • Michael, Kristina, and a tipsy Alexis are on the road.
  • Michael tells Jason he may of caused the accident.
  • Jason tries to cover it up for Michael.
  • Kristina thinks she caused the accident.
  • Sam feels Kristina's uneasiness.
  • Jason and Sam piece together there suspicions.
  • Sam learns Alexis was also on the road.
  • Kristina overhears Andrea going over the details that puts Alexis as the cause of the accident.
  • Kristina accuses Alexis of having Michael take the blame for her wrong doing.
  • Michael and Kristina go on the run when they figure out that Claudia is the one that got hit and she lost her baby.

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