Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spoilers 7/2

  • JaSam adventure takes place in Early August, it only suppose to last for about a week and a half.
  • In SOW Laura Wright answered a Just Asking Question. Who would she call to bail her out of jail on the GH cast. She answered "Steve Burton, he's got money and would help you out. Or Kelly M would be there in a second to take care of you"
  • Rumors say Jason babysits baby Jake when Liz gets called away and Lucky isn't home.
  • Rumors say Sam and Dante have taped a lot of scenes together.


  • Jerry and Sam share a scene where Sam tells Jerry to stay away from Alexis and that Alexis has enough problems right now and she doesn't want Jerry to add to it.

  • Rumors say there is a suprise love scene between Jerry and Alexis.

Political Scandal...

  • Andrea overhears Robin's new suspect.

  • Rumors have Mercedes being the killing, because Martha Byrne is such a hit.


  • Liz will realise she has some feelings for Nik, but fights the urge because she wants Lucky back.

  • Nik learns what Rebecca has been up to in the worst possible way.


  • Carly's pregnancy gets riskier.

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