Friday, July 3, 2009

Spoilers 7/3

On the Run...
  • Dante goes with Sam and Jason to look for Michael and Kristina because he believes that will put him back in Sonny's good graces.
  • Dante steals the car and leaves Sam and Jason stranded.
  • Jason and Sam find out Michael and Kristina left town, race to find them before they get into more trouble.
  • Michael's tempter gets him into trouble early on in his trip.
  • Alexis is frantic about Kristina being missing and almost gets herself into BIG trouble.
  • Jerry offers to assist in finding Michael and Kristina.
  • Michael begins remembering thing while on the run.
  • Kristina learns some things about her mother.
  • Sam tells Jason she can't lose her family with Alexis like she lost with him.
  • Sam and Jason arrives just when Michael plans on shooting Dante.
  • Rebecca tries to prove her love to Nik after he learns the truth.
  • Well that poker night we've been hearing about is rumored to be happening. Nik will learn the truth about Rebecca during the poker tournament.

  • Lucky and Ethan skip town to find Luke.
  • Kate calls Maxie and puts her in charge.
  • Kate will run Crimson from Paris. Unlikely we'll see her anytime soon.
  • Claudia learns that she IS pregnant with Sonny's baby.
  • Claudia is the one who is hit.
  • At first they think it was a rival mob that did it.
  • They realize that Michael and Kristina are missing.
  • Dante is going to be Claudia's new bodyguard.
  • Rumors say they share a kiss in about a week.
  • Sonny and Olivia about about to hit the sheets when they get a call about the accident.
  • Sonny and Olivia are getting closer but Olivia gets scared when she learns Jerry is in town.
  • Rumors say he works for a rival mob and he heard about Sonny's reputation and wants in.
  • Dante's first assignment is to guard Claudia because they believe a rival mob tried to take her out.
  • Olivia makes a plea to Dante.
  • Somebody else finds out about Dante.
  • Sonny is rumored to learn the truth about Dante in September. But does Dante know? Rumors say Dante doesn't.
Political Scandal...

  • Was Mercedes having an affair with the mayor also???? Was she so jealous that the mayor was going to marry Brianna so she killed her???
  • Rumors Jason and Sam have sex in September????

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