Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spoilers 7/21

  • Ethan sees a connection between Liz and Nik and he pushes it.
  • Liz will continue to help Nik and the too will get close. Jason doesn't like the idea of Nik and Liz but because of Jake not jealousy.
  • Does Nik turn dark after he learns what Rebecca has been doing?
  • CORRECTION Nik is hurt when he falls off his horse and Liz tends to him. Jason doesn't fight him. lol
  • Kelly was back yesterday and already began taping. (Per Mike Gonzalez Facebook)
  • a shootout occurs.
  • Jason witnesses something and assumes both Jerry and Sam are dead.
  • Sam is taken in Mexico while looking for Michael and Kristina.
  • Dante goes to get the kids, and Jason searches for Sam.
  • Jerry takes Kristina before he kidnaps Sam.
The Accident...
  • The driver isn't anyone suspected. (I'm guessing the SUV that was behind Michael may have caused it)
  • Claudia retaliates before she knows the truth.

  • Maxie eventually says yes to Spinelli's proposal but grows closer to Matt during the murder investigation.
Kristina & Michael...
  • Kiefer knows what happened and has Kristina under her thumb.

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