Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spoilers 7/22

  • New rumors are saying Sam isn't presumed dead but badly hurt. Jerry did a number on her before leaving. Jason finds her and takes her to the hospital.
  • Jason and Sam find no trace of Michael and Kristina.
  • Spinelli Informs Jason and Sam that Michael and Kristina have crossed the border on July 29.
  • Jason and Sam leave for Mexico July 30
  • Claudia learns the kids are missing and calls Jerry to find them.
  • Michael and Kristina get into legal trouble July 31.
  • Jerry offers to help the troubled teens Aug 4
  • But there will be a price Aug 5
  • Claudia sets a deadly plan in motion, and Jasam get caught in the crossfire.

  • DD Insider Quote about JaSam:
  • "The Mexico trip is only 2 1/2 - 3 weeks at the very most. So the storyline is wrapped up fairly quickly. It is all about keeping Michael and Kristina safe. But the bonding does happen between Jason/Sam because of their love for Michael/Kristina and when Jerry puts Sam in harm's way. It's not romantic but it's a re connection. I think Jason/Sam fans will like it because it heralds back to their "bonnie/clyde" days."

  • Rumors say when Lucky up and leaves town people start thinking Lucky abandoned Liz and the kids. Nik steps into Lucky's role and makes it clear to Jason it's best if he stays away from Jake. Jason defends himself and Nik attacks Jason after Jason makes a verbal threat.
The Accident...
  • Sonny goes off on Michael for his suspected role in Claudia's miscarriage
  • Michael decides its best that he leaves town.
  • New rumors say that Kyle could've been driving the SUV. (Who is Kyle am I missing something?)
  • Michael emails Morgan and tells him he's leaving.
  • Michael and Kristina buy a bus ticket to Mexico.
  • After Michael returns from being on the run he doesn't return to the Q's.
Brotherly Bonding...
  • A couple men Ethan ripped off ends up fighting with Ethan. Lucky jumps to his brothers defense and the two share a drink, and Lucky leaves unsure he can get past his brothers paternity.
Political Scandal...
  • Alexis was drinking and driving.
  • Alexis goes to Sam when she realizes going to the Mayor's house and picking a fight in front of the security camera's isn't the best idea so she goes to Sam for help removing the footage.
  • Alexis tells Sam she was drinking and driving before Andrea can accuse her.
From DD:
"Next month is the months of ONS.

Who's up?
Dayplayer hooker

Maybe a pregnancy and maybe a scare
One may turn into something more than just a hook up
One will be the ultimate betrayal
One will for revenge"

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