Monday, July 6, 2009

Spoilers 7/6

Hope Everyone Had a Happy Safe Fourth of July

  • Liz learns from Nik that Ethan and Rebecca were working together.
  • Lucky leaves town to help Ethan find Luke, Does Liz end up in another man's arms?
  • Rumors say Liz and Nik get close, and may end up having sex in September. It is rumored to continue when Lucky returns.
  • Luke isn't happy when he learns of Ethan's past dealings.
  • Monica goes into a rage when she learns Rebecca played Emily's memory for a con.
  • Claudia's baby will live and it IS Sonny's/
  • Sonny won't leave Claudia to be with Olivia.
  • Olivia finds herself torn between Johnny and the father of her son.
  • Johnny figures out Olivia has feelings for Sonny, and the he's the father of Dominic/Dante.
  • Kristina has her sights on Johnny.
  • Jason is rumored to start to bond with baby Jake. September is rumored to be a lot of JaSam Jake scenes.
  • Jerry comes looking for Sam.
  • Jason doesn't want Dante near Sam thinks he's bad news.
  • Jerry came back to town for one thing, to protect his brother. Jerry will do this by any means necessary. He'll destroy evidence and may even kill someone that knows the truth.
  • Alexis will cause problems for Jerry.
  • Jerry knows Dominic as Dante, and may be the only one in PC besides Olivia.
On the Run...
  • Michael is rumored to shoot Dominic/Dante.
  • Kristina learns about Sam and Ric's one night. She overhears Jason and Sam.
  • While Kristina is on the run she worries about Alexis, and realizes she was wrong about her.
  • Michael still wants to run the Business.
  • Sonny accuses Alexis of using Kristina to punish him for choosing Carly over Alexis. Things gets ugly when Sonny tells Alexis she's doing the same to Kristina and did to Sam.
  • Raynor will continue to pop up in the s/l.
Political Scandal...
  • Mercedes is still rumored the killer.
  • Rumors does Mercedes kidnap baby Emma????
  • After the Brianna case is solved Patrick and Robin's next case will be finding out what is going on with the malfunctioning medical equipment.
  • Crazy rumor Alicia Leigh Willis is returning in September and we will learn that Nik is indeed not the father of Spencer but Jax is... Sounds like Fan-Fic but I always loved Courtney.
  • Carly's baby dies and she can't handle the disappointment so she switches her dead baby with Claudia's baby.

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