Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spoilers 7/4

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Slaudia/On The Run...
  • Sonny thinks Dante/Dominic deserves a second chance. Claudia makes it clear that she doesn't think he deserves another chance.
  • Sonny and Olivia share a kiss.
  • Olivia tries to resist Sonny.
  • Claudia learns that the baby is indeed Sonny's but at the same time she learns this Jason tells Sonny that Claudia is the one that ordered the hit that left Michael in a coma.
  • Claudia comes home to tell Sonny the joyful news, but it's not too joyful between the two. Sonny and Claudia fight about Michael and Sonny leaves without learning the truth.
  • When Claudia learns that Sonny went to Olivia's she goes into a violent rage and goes after him.
  • Kiefer gets rough with Kristina.
  • Kristina is hysterical and Michael goes into a rage and drives off after Kiefer.
  • Michael loses control and hits Claudia.
  • Sonny and Olivia are about to hit the sheets when they get the call that Claudia was in an accident. When Sonny gets to the hospital he learns the baby is his and Claudia may lose it.
  • Sonny assumes its an enemy and strikes back.
  • Michael plans on admitting to his actions but then he learns that Sonny has already taken mob action because of his careless mistake.
  • Kiefer threatens to expose the truth about who was behind the accident, so Michael and Kristina leave town.
  • Everybody is in a panic when they learn Michael and Kristina is gone.
  • Jason and Sam leave town in hopes of finding them.
  • Sonny continues to retaliate believing its a rival mob and puts Dante/Dominic in charge of guarding Claudia who is now having a high risk pregnancy.
  • Claudia learns Dominic Perrelli is actually Dante Falconeri and figures out he is Olivia and Sonny's son.
  • Claudia confronts Olivia with the truth, Olivia denies it but Claudia knows its the truth.
  • Jax takes Carly to their new home.
  • Carly shocks Michael and Sonny when she gets Michael a learners permit.
Political Scandal...
  • Andrea plants E-mails in Alexis' computer that makes her look obsessed with the Mayor.
  • Andrea sets Alexis up at the Metro Court that makes a scene in front of Robin and Patrick.
  • Diane tells Alexis that the emails have been made public.
  • Spinelli hears Maxie talking to Colemon about canceling Karaoke night so Spinelli doesn't embarrass himself.
  • Spinelli receives singing advice from Patrick.
  • Spinelli implants a signing device and tells Maxie his love for her is what changed his pitch.
  • Something goes wrong with the device after a few beers.
  • Spinelli lies to Maxie.
  • Johnny takes Jason to a Zacharra hide out.
  • Jason gets brought into the PCPD for questioning.
  • Diane asks Jason to stay in jail longer so she can help Alexis with her image.

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