Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UPDATED Spoilers 7/7

*NO GH Today Due to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

  • Sam's actions shock Jason and Sam.
  • Jason kisses Sam after misinterpreting her concern. This is said to happen either 7/24 or 7/27.
  • Jason doesn't know how he feels about Dominic.
  • Jason asks Anthony about the gunman who threatened Carly and the boys. AZ lies and says he has nothing to do with there current problems.
  • Jason is holding Sam in the media net picture because she hurt her ankle.
  • Jason and Sam are stranded together because of Dante. (Remember post from a couple days ago, He steals the car and leaves them stranded)
  • Lucky leaves Liz and the boys to find Luke. Liz is vulnerable.
  • Rumors: Remember when Jason saved Liz at the B&W Ball. AZ may be remembering how Jason felt about her, and Liz may get a visitor.
  • Spinelli proposes to Maxie.
Political Scandal...
  • Alexis is arrested and thrown behind bars.
  • The mayor was having another affair. Was it with Mercedes?
  • Johnny may have some competition.
  • Olivia responds to Sonny's kiss but promises she will never sleep with him.
  • Sonny cares about Olivia but Claudia won't let her have both men.
  • Claudia confronts Sonny about going to see Olivia, but then she sees lipstick on his collar...
  • Dominic suggests that him and Claudia could work together.
  • Sonny learns the truth about Dante. How will he react to Olivia?
  • Sonny forgives Claudia.
  • Robin's detective skills could put Emma in harms way.
  • Jax runs into Jerry and there will be quite the tension.
  • Jax is rumored to leave town.
Michael & Kristina...
  • Michael is extremely protective of his little sister. When Kiefer makes advances on Kristina and she refuses Kiefer does not react well.

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lisa said...

if the kiss from jason and sam happens i would be so happy. there you go JIZ fans!!! it's all about JASAM!!! heck yeah!!!!

thanks sami for the spoilers. i always come here for some good news! thanks! :)