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UPDATED Spoilers 7/8 & 7/9

* Not much out today. I'll add on from yesterdays spoilers. All new ones will be in Red.

  • Dante shows up at Jason's and asks him to put him on the payroll.
  • Jason doesn't trust this guy, he's very arrogant and tells Jason he'll be running the organization some day.
  • Dante knows he has to get Jason's trust before Sonny.
  • Jason gets an eyeful of Sam not once but twice.
  • Jason calls Sam for assistance and she shows up on his doorstep after an undercover job in a sexy night club outfit.
  • Jason's jaw basically drops and is speechless, but like Jason he gets back to business.
  • Sam trips and twists her ankle. Luckily Jason is there to tend to her hurt ankle.
  • Hearing they get very close.
  • Jason and Sam do some research on Dominic with Spinelli's computer.
  • Where's Spinelli? Having loud sex with Maxie upstairs.
  • With Spixie noise in the back ground Sam and Jason may get a little bit of inspiration. Rumors say a kiss could happen.
  • Jason helps Spinelli with a special project (See Spixie)
  • Jason and Sam share a warm moment when they see how happy Maxie and Spinelli are.
  • Sam becomes suspicious of Kristina.
  • Jason wonders if Michael was involved in hit and run.
  • Jason learns from Morgan that Michael is planning on confessing and heads to the PCPD to stop him.
  • Mac arrests Michael for the accident but later on released.
  • Kristina confesses to Sam she was on the road that night, after a fight with her boyfriend.
  • Sam goes to Alexis and tells her she believes Kristina caused the accident.
  • Jason doesn't trust Dante. Dante is getting a job in the organization and he'll have to answer to Jason.
  • Jason and Sam go off to find Michael and Kristina. Dante goes with them. Dante steals the car and leaves them in the middle of know where without a car, and cellphone. When Sam and Jason don't return they are believed to be dead for around 4 episodes. This is what jump starts their relationship. Reconnecting in the middle of nowhere sounds good to me!
  • Rumors say Steve Burton is negotiating for more vacations and a shorter work week.
  • Lucky leaves town with Ethan to find Luke. Liz and the boys are on there own. Rumors say that Greg Vaughan may of been bumped down to recurring status. Is this why there is a sense of tease between Nik and Liz???
  • Claudia finds lipstick on Sonny's cheek.
  • Claudia is preparing for the results of the Paternity and praying that the baby is Sonny's.
  • Sonny can hardly wait for the results. I think in a way he hopes that he's not.
  • Johnny comforts Claudia before the results.
  • Johnny goes to Sonny and asks him what he's planning on doing if the baby is not his.
  • Sonny and Johnny continue to clash over Olivia.
  • Claudia is at the hospital with Dr Kelly Lee while she's taking the results, Claudia asks her to tamper with the results if it's not Sonny's.
  • It is unclear how Kelly responds to it. Most likely to leave it open if they do want to make the baby Ric's.
  • Later Sonny and Claudia bond over the ultrasound.
  • When Claudia gets the news that the baby is Sonny's she's all alone.
  • Anxious to tell the news to Sonny, Claudia hops in her car.
  • Carly sees Claudia racing down the road.
  • Carly tales Claudia to the hospital.
  • Johnny tells Sonny that Michael was arrested.
  • Sonny hires Dante to guard Claudia.
  • Nelson Branco is reporting that a "primetimer" is being looked at for the role of Uncle Rudy.
  • Olivia pushes Sonny away after a kiss.
  • Olivia goes to Dante and tells him to get out of PC.
  • Claudia finds lipstick on Sonny's cheek. Claudia reminds her husband that she's having his baby. She thinks.
  • Johnny learns that Sonny and Olivia kissed and is not happy.
  • Sonny pushes Johnny by telling him that I'm the one Olivia really wants. Olivia wants in at that moment and tells Johnny not to listen to Sonny.

  • Carly is loving life in her new house.
  • Carly gets a feeling that something is wrong.
  • Michael calls Carly.
  • Carly is told that Michael got into trouble.
  • Carly goes to the country club to meet with the manager.
  • Carly calls Sonny for back up.
  • Sonny arrives rather quickly and brings Max and Milo along for the ride.
  • The manager is quickly intimidated and sees things Sonny's way.
  • Morgan loses his St Christopher medal that Michael had given to him. Carly goes to look for it in the woods.
  • Carly sees Claudia racing down the road.
  • Carly doesn't know that Michael is on that road driving also.
  • Carly sees bright lights and a car swerve a bit with screeching tires.
  • Carly wonders upon an overturn car with Claudia inside.
  • Carly drags Claudia out from behind the wheel because the car is leaking gas.
  • Claudia heads to the hospital.
  • Carly knows Michael didn't cause the accident. The car was small and silver, and not a convertible.
  • Carly thinks it was Alexis in her new Hybrid.
  • Sonny feels guilty, but Carly wants to prove Michael is innocent.
On the Run...
  • Michael swerves when another car goes by and later admits to Kristina that he thinks he caused the accident.
  • Kristina is also driving on this road but doesn't admit that she was driving.
  • When Michael is driving he believes he accidentally hits another car.
  • Carly and Claudia are both on the road. Claudia learns the paternity of her baby and Carly is having a crisis and needs Sonny.
  • Kristina tells Michael that someone else could of caused it.
  • Michael tells Morgan he is going to turn himself in to the PCPD.
  • Michael goes to the PCPD and is arrested and later on released.
  • Kristina overhears Alexis and Diane suspecting the possibility that Kristina caused the accident.
  • Kiefer tells Kristina to keep quiet about her part.
  • Kristina confesses to Sam that she was on the road that night and upset about a fight with Kiefer her boyfriend.
  • Sam tells Alexis that she thinks Kristina caused the accident when Alexis blames Michael.
  • Kristina is rumored to be the one to cause the accident after having a fight with Kiefer.
Political Scandal...
  • Was the mayor having another affair???
  • Robin is hot on Andrea's trail.
  • Emma is kidnapped when Scrubs get too close to the truth.
  • Alexis gets cleared of murder charges, and the real murder is revealed. Who is it? Early rumors said Mercedes.
  • Spinelli serenades Maxie at Karaoke night. Declares his love for her at Jake's in front of everyone. Maxie and Spinelli take their relationship to the sheets. The next day they wake up and Spinelli proposes to Maxie. Spinelli blurts it out and Maxie tells Spinelli she is late for work. Maxie tries to avoid the conversation. Spinelli is surprised that he proposed but feels that he found this love and doesn't want to let it go. Spinelli will work on a better proposal one that Maxie will say yes to.
  • When Maxie continues to avoid the thought of marriage, Spinelli goes to Jason. Spinelli wants Jason to help him find a way to convince Maxie to marry him.
  • Jason helps Spinelli set up a romantic evening. Jason and Spinelli put together a romantic riddle that Maxie needs to solve to get to the end for their romantic dinner.
  • Maxie and Lulu make many errors when they arrive at the wrong location to meet Spinelli. (Very comedic)
  • Maxie finally figures out where Spinelli is waiting and heads to the roof top. Jason and Spinelli turned the rooftop into a "romantic wonderland"
  • Spinelli is waiting with an engagement ring. Unfortunately Spinelli ends up dropping the ring off the roof top. and his proposal is drowned out by a passing plane.
  • Spinelli finds the ring but asks Spinelli for time before making a decision about marriage.
  • Kate calls Olivia and informs her she isn't returning to PC.
  • Kate puts Maxie in charge.
  • Jax gets Olivia to help out with the magazine.
  • Ethan blackmails Rebecca.
  • Ethan confronts Nik.
  • Nik starts to realize Rebecca is NOT Emily and starts to question her actions. Nik is said to discuss this with Liz who is adamant as ever to reveal Rebecca as the liar she is.
  • Hearing there is a definite chem test going on between Nik and Liz after the 2 kissing scenes a couple weeks ago.

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