Thursday, August 20, 2009

ABC Soaps In Depth JaSam Has Sex!

From ABC Soaps In Depth:
Jason and Sam’s renewed bond leads them to bed this week –and beyond.

“This is much more about making love; this is a full-blown romance,” explains head writer BG. “What we are doing is, we are taking it almost in real time. These two have been burned before, and they have burned each other before-and, oddly enough, in this configuration, Sam is the one who is more tentative. You’ll see it in small ways; you’ll see it in big ways.”

But make no mistake, there’s nothing tentative about it when they hit the sheets. “The lovemaking itself it spectacular, but that’s almost like the beginning, much rather than the end,” teases Guza.

Especially since it changes the dynamic of their relationship-both personal and “professional.” “These two work together. Their office is not like yours or mine with computers and paperwork and stuff. They are out getting shot at, and so you wonder how the love that is between them affects the way they are able to do their jobs,” points out Guza. “The romance, the love that develops between them, affects their ability to do their jobs. If one hesitates and tries to protect the other, that gets them in worse danger. It was different if Jason was on a shootout with Johnny, or Sam was with someone else. Now you are doing it with someone you love, and it changes everything


Anonymous said...

oh I'm getting so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!
and thankfully, this posting makes up for the fact that there was no JaSam screen time today.It'll take more than a glue stick to keep it together for Liason fans. JaSam's heat will melt them straight into a puddle on the floor LOL

Anonymous said...

The head writer must be a man. It is clear to me why Sam would be hesistant. After all she lived a life where she had to be tough and always have her guard up. With Jason, she let all those walls down and was supremely vulnerable because he let her believe that it would be okay for her to do so. So she had no safeties in place when it all came crashing down. She had totally submerged herself in his life, and therefore was set adrift when they broke up. She finally is establishing a life of her own where she created the security. She has to be terrified to try to reconnect with the old life.

As for Jason being unable to forgive--BULL. He forgave Sonny and Carly. He can forgive Sam too. She has done terrible things, but she has also been the best thing that has happened to him.