Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spoilers 8/20 Updated @ 10:30 EST

  • Liz notices Jason and Sam numerous times at the carnival including when Jason is freaking out because he believes Sam has been hurt. Rumors say Sam is shot when she tries to help Jason.
  • Friday 21st: Jason is no longer hallucinating.
  • Monday 24th: Jasam talk about their past. Jason kisses Sam. Make love last segment.
  • Tuesday 25th: Afterglow. Jason and Sam pack up and leave to find Michael and Kristina
  • Wednesday 26th: Jason and Sam in car. Make love again.
  • Thursday 27th: Jason and Sam continue driving to Cancun
  • Friday 28th: Jason and Sam find Michael and Kristina in Cancun.
  • Monday 30th: they return to PC. Maxie and Spinelli walk in on them at Jason's PH.
  • Sam's first scenes when she returns are with Molly, Kristina and Alexis.
  • Jason goes to Sonny about Claudia.
  • Jason calls Sam over to his PH.
  • Jason tells Carly how Sam saved his life. Carly is thankful and tells him she knows there's more going on with Sam.
  • Jason and Sam share scenes at Sam's PH when they arrive back in PC.
  • Sam and Spinelli talk about the upcoming nuptials.
  • Rumors Sam tries to keep Jason in the dark while she takes a pregnancy test. But Carly finds out and spills to Jason.
  • Spin and Maxie interrupt a hot and heavy Jasam make-out session.

  • Rumors Say Nik arranges for Rebecca to walk in while he is having sex with Liz. This happens after Nik 'apologizes' to Rebecca, has sex with her and romances her. Nik only plans to have Rebecca see Liz and Nik kiss but she gets quite the eye full.
  • Nik and Rebecca make love.
  • Liz is upset when Nik says he and Rebecca are picking things up again.
  • Liz finds out the truth behind why Nik took Rebecca back-for revenge on Sept. 4th
  • Liz and Nik try to find excuses not to be together.
  • Edward helps Robin.
  • Edward is a target of a killer.
  • Claudia seeks out Jerry.
  • Andrea is on to Robin.
  • Robin realizes the murder weapon is most likely missing from the MC.
  • Robin goes to Alexis to tell her she is one step closer in exonerating her.
  • Andrea overhears the conversation between Alexis and Robin.
  • Patrick catches Andrea eavesdropping.
  • Robin and Andrea has a battle of words but Patrick urges Robin not to antagonize her.
  • Andrea begins looking into Poisons.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited about the JaSam spoilers! I'm getting all warm and tingly just thinking about it! Thanks, Sami!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for these Jasam scenes to take place! Thanks Sami for the spoilers! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the most HILARIOUS rumors i've been reading (from Liason fans by the way) are that the only reason Jason has sex with same is because he's halucinating and doesn't remember the last 3 years, and that his brain damage is getting worse so he's having moments when he doesn't remember that he has a son or what Sam did and each time that happens they have sex!! LOL! I love it. Delusional

Sami said...

They are delusional and can't accept the fact Jason is no longer pinning over the family he can't have.

Anonymous said...

Carly is a pain but JaSam baby?!!! please let it be positive, true and let her keep it!!!

Anonymous said...

is the car thing really real?