Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kelly Monaco Re-Signs Contract!

Kelly Monaco told ABC Soaps In Depth this after new that she re-signed her contract for another year! All I can say is Whew! That casting call made me extremely nervous. JaSam 09

What do you guys think? Did GH pull a scare tactic?


Anonymous said...

hellllll yeah! it was just politics. publicity for kemo / gh ... but i guess it worked!

did you read kel's fbook status " at a photoshoot with my beefcakes burton .. :) " ahaha looove stelly/jasam <333

can't waitttt

Anonymous said...

Thank God she is not going anywhere. Don't get me wrong she deserves the best, but I been waiting for a Jasam reunion.

Anonymous said...

I thought she had signed a new contract like in January b/c she needed time off from GH to continue doing "Peep Show" and the producers allowed her to take time off but she needed to resign a contract.