Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spoilers 8/12

  • Hearing JaSam is full steam head for the foreseeable future.
  • Sam finds Jason who is hallucinating about Carly and the boys who are blaming him for everything.
  • Jason tells Sam that if she's real to get him out of here.
  • Sam takes Jason to another room in the church.
  • Jason and Sam take a trip down memory lane as she tends to him. Jason and Sam talk about their time in Hawaii when she convinced him to have surgery. They reflect on their relationship.
  • Sam is hesitant of the turn their relationship is taking. She isn't sure if she wants to go down that road again.
  • Jason is sick and dreaming of his life with Sam...He says I love you saw the scene in the promo. Sam is holding him in her arms. After he says it about her..... She quietly repeats it to him. Later she tells him he said things that he probably doesn't remember and didn't mean. Jason tells her he remembers everything he dreamed and said. And he tell her meant everything.
  • Jason makes the first move and Sam pulls back.
  • She's unsure but gives in after more assurances from Jason.
  • Jason and Sam shares I love you's before making love.
  • Jason is a little unnerved about his resurfaced feelings for Sam.
  • Jason and Sam finally catch up to Kristina and Michael where they receive the news about Alexis.
  • Jason takes her home to her PH when then get back to PC.
  • Sam admits to Maxie that she realizes she still feels as close to Jason as ever.
  • Jason has a similar conversation with Spin who urges Jason to go after what he wants.
  • Jason and Sam share a kiss.
  • Rumors indicate a paternity switch is coming and it will only bring Jason and Sam closer.

  • New Rumors are saying that Rebecca is actually Emily and Helena is using her to bring out the inner Cassadine in Nik.
  • Nik is in love with Rebecca, but in revenge mode because she made a fool out of him and he's determined to move on. He won't treat Rebecca well, but she keeps on trying to win him back because she's in love with him
  • Nik pulls Liz into yet another kiss.
  • Rebecca tells Lucky that Liz has feelings for Nik.
  • Lucky and Nik have it out over Liz.
  • Lucky and Rebecca bond over Nik and Liz.
  • Nik and Liz hit the sheets.
  • Patrick tries to remind Robin that Andrea is dangerous.
  • Andrea suspects Robin is on to her.
  • Andrea, Robin, and Alexis are alone and Andrea reveals all. Alexis and Robin are in danger.
  • Andrea is rumored to be killed by Mayor Floyd when she makes a move against Robin.
  • Floyd tells the truth about Alexis and his wife after Andrea dies and Claudia pretends to let her grudge against Kristina drop for Sonny's sake but she doesn't and uses Keifer against Kristina.
  • Kate tries to pressure Olivia into telling the truth.
  • Dante finds Rebecca at Jake's and takes her back to his place.
  • Carly notices Olivia and Ronnie together.
  • Jax agrees to keep Olivia's secret about Dante.
  • Olivia will know about the hit out on Ronnie before it happens but doesn't stop it because she is afraid it will out Dante as an undercover cop and as Sonny's son. Dante will find out that she knew and didn't stop it.
  • Ronnie is a Fed who has known Dante most of his life and has been like a father figure to him. Dante will be heartbroken when Ronnie is killed and Olivia will know that it was Sonny who ordered the hit.
  • Olivia finds herself being blackmailed. (I'm going to guess its Claudia)
  • Sonny promises to make a serious effort in his marriage with Claudia.
  • Sonny can't control his jealousy when he sees Johnny and Olivia.
  • Claudia makes a plea to Johnny but he doesn't seem to care.
  • Claudia learns the truth of Dante's paternity.

  • After they get passed Jerry's guards they go to the resort.
  • Molly's pleas to Kristina begin to get to her.
  • Kristina's guilt grows.
  • Kiefer welcomes Kristina home to emotional and Physical abuse.
  • Michael has his own plans for his life and it goes against what his family wants.
  • Claudia uses Kiefer to get revenge on Kristina.
  • Kristina and Kiefer's abusive relationship continues.
  • Kristina doesn't tell anyone about her relationship but Dante begins to suspect that Kristina is afraid of Kiefer.
  • Sonny tries to make an effort with Kristina.
  • Alexis takes Molly to the carnival to spend some time with her.
  • Diane tells the truth to Sonny about Alexis covering for Kristina.
  • Alexis doesn't want Kristina to know the truth.
  • Maxie returns to her Self-Destructive ways when the pressure of the wedding is too much.
  • Spinelli wants Jason as his best man.
  • Maxie fills Sam in about her fears.
  • Sam admits she realizes she still feels as close to Jason as ever.
  • Jason has a similar conversation with Spinelli.
  • Spinelli urges Jason to go after what he wants like he did with Maxie.
  • Spinelli continues to try to win Mac's approval.
  • Spixie is said to have a short engagement because Maxie gets cold feet.
  • Rumors could Maxie end up pregnant?? is it Spin's or Johnny's???
  • Carly and Jax wait patiently for the baby's sex.
  • Lulu overhears Dante talking about being and undercover cop.

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