Friday, August 14, 2009

Spoilers 8/14 Updated at 11:30am EST

  • Sam makes a promise to Jason on Aug 18. Sam tells Jason he better not die on her.
  • Jason becomes delirious when his fever strikes Aug 19.He think that Sam and himself are in Hawaii together.
  • Jerry returns to the church and is hidden but Jason and Sam have no idea.
  • Jason and Sam are reminded of their time together Aug 24.
  • Sam declares her love to a disoriented Jason. Jason remembers the time they spent in Hawaii and thanks Sam for saving his life when he had the brain tumor.
  • Jason and Sam leave feeling awkward Aug 25.
  • Jason and Sam give into their feelings once again on Aug 26.
  • Sam and Jason make love more than once.
  • Rumors: Jason and Sam have sex twice in Mexico and almost once more when they get back to PC. There are no regrets it more like OK Where do we go from here? One of them is a love Scene the rest is FTB.
  • Carly is surprised of the acceptance of Dominic.
  • Carly is in danger.
  • Spinelli tracks down the location of Michael and Kristina Aug 19.
  • Kristina decides to head home Aug 25.
  • Michael decides to steal more money.
  • Michael and Kristina find a PDA on the beach and sends a message home.
  • Spinelli tracks the message but doesn't tell.
  • Jax and Sonny argue about who is bringing the kids home.
  • Sonny becomes suspicious of Dante.
  • Sonny wants to know why Dante took the fall for Johnny.
  • Dante becomes worried when he finds Sonny and Olivia together Aug 17.
  • Olivia tells Sonny to stay out of her life.
  • Jax overhears an argument.
  • Jax agrees to keep Olivia's secret.
  • Dominic continues pursuing to gain Johnny's trust, but later Dominic decks Johnny for making a remark about sleeping with Olivia.
  • Dante and Johnny are at odds
  • When Olivia meets with Ronnie, Carly is there eavesdropping.
  • Dominic gets information against Sonny.
  • Olivia ends up in the hospital.
  • Sonny trys to overcome his feelings for Olivia.
  • Johnny has had it with everything.
  • Dante has problems w/ work.
  • Sonny comforts Claudia when he finds her with baby furniture that has been delivered to the house.
  • Sonny makes a decision about his future with Claudia.
  • Claudia makes her next plan.
  • Dante and Claudia reach an agreement.
  • Nik flies into a rage Aug 17.
  • Nik rejects Rebecca.
  • Liz finds Nik drunk in a trashed house.
  • Liz encourages Nik to move on.
  • Nik and Liz get close.
  • Nik pulls Liz into a passionate kiss just as Lucky arrives at Wyndemere.
  • Liz pushes Nik away just in time before getting caught by Lucky.
  • Liz feels unsettled by the kiss and goes home with Lucky.
  • Nik and Liz agree that they are at fault and Lucky can never know.
  • Nik and Liz find themselves in another close moment.
  • Nik wants revenge against Rebecca.
  • Nik wants Rebecca to pay.
  • Rebecca is surprised by Monica and Edward's reaction once they learn the truth.
  • Monica tells Rebecca she is still part of the Quartermaine family.
  • Liz has doubts about Lucky.
  • Rebecca loses it.
  • Matt Comes to Lulu's aid when she glues her hand to her hair.
  • Dominic flirts with Lulu.
  • Lulu ends up in a boat load of trouble.
  • Alexis admits to Sonny that she is covering for Kristina.
  • Molly goes to Nik for help.
  • Patrick reminds Robin that Andrea is Dangerous.
  • Andrea takes a look at Robins schedule at GH.
  • The carnival ends up in chaos
  • Robin has a new suspect.


Anonymous said...

what does ftb mean?

Sami said...

Fade to Black

morganmccallfan said...

Lmfao lulu glues her hand to her hair haha I laughed so hard when I read that