Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spoilers 8/13 Updated 10AM EST

Michael & Kristina...
  • Kristina confesses about the accident.
  • Michael tells her they are going back to PC, and that Dad will take care of everything.
  • Kristina is reluctant but agrees to go.
  • Sonny calls Alexis.
  • Alexis is shocked when Kristina blames her. Kristina blames Alexis for keeping Sonny out of her life.
  • Kristina insists on moving in with Sonny, and Sonny agrees out of guilt.
  • Alexis tries to accept Kristina and Sonny's relationship.
  • Molly asks Kristina to cut their mom some slack.
  • Michael doesn't want to move in with Carly so they make a deal with him.
  • Alexis and Michael notice that Claudia's hatred for Kristina is about to surface and the only thing that is keeping it under wraps is Sonny.
  • It is revealed that Kiefer is the one that caused the crash and was using Kristina as his alibi.
  • Krisitna and Kiefer's unhealthy relationship continues. More and More begin to witness that Kristina is scared of Kiefer and Kiefer's temper.
  • When the truth is revealed Kiefer goes after Kristina.
  • Rumors suggested that a rape s/l was set for this fall. New Rumors are suggesting that when Kristina refuses to have sex with Kiefer he snaps forcing himself on her and rapes her in the process. Kristina tries to keep it a secret until Sam notices new odd behaviors when Kristina is around boys. Alexis, Molly and Michael will become suspicious as well. Molly is the first to notice something odd when she notices Kristina crying in her room. Sam eventually confronts Kristina and Kristina breaks down in Sam's arms. Sam is outraged and wants justice be brought but instead holds Keifer at gunpoint wanting him dead for what he did to Kristina. The only one who can convince Sam to not shoot Keifer in cold-blood is her family and Jason. Michael will become more vicious and protective when it comes to boys in Kristina's life, he will vow to let nothing like this happen to her ever again. Bad news for Keifer, Alexis will be prosecuting him. Kristina will seek guidance from Elizabeth at Jason's request. The two will develop a close bond.
  • Liz tells Nik that she thinks that Rebecca has grown to love him.
  • Nik doesn't care and doesn't want to hear it.
  • Nik and Liz kiss.
  • Liz admits she is drawn to Nik.
  • Nikolas wants to make Rebecca pay for what she's done. Rumors say he causes some trouble for her at the hospital.
  • Nik admits that he hasn't had very much experience as a father.
  • Nikolas once again makes a move on Liz. Liz says it's all about hurting Rebecca but Nikolas isn't thinking about Lucky.
  • Nik says he's really hurt over Rebecca but what he feels about Liz is completely seperate from that.
  • Rebecca tells Lucky that something is going on between Nikolas and Rebecca. Lucky agrees.
  • Lucky and Nik have a confrontation.
  • Rebecca and Lucky grow closer than they expected. Rebecca mourns the loss of her romance with Nikolas.
  • Nik and Liz make love.

  • JaSam love scene 26-27
  • Sam asks Jason to take her home.
  • Jason spends the night so he won't have to deal with Maxie and Spinelli.
  • Alexis goes over to Sam's to talk about Kristina and find her with Jason.
  • Sam supports Alexis' fears but feels Kristina needs to experience a father/daughter relationship.
  • Sam defends Kristina and Sonny's relationship.
  • Claudia wants to make Kristina and Alexis pay for her child's death.
  • Sonny makes it easier for Claudia's revenge when he vows to stay closer to Kristina.
  • Claudia goes after the wrong person that caused the crash.


Anonymous said...

I love the rumor bout kristina amd the rape. I kno that sounds bad but for Sam to hold him at gunpoint would be great. Everything in the rumor sounds good.

Meghan said...

I think the Kristina/rape s/l would be a really good one if they do it right. More and more these days, this is what's happening to young teens who aren't ready for sex, but are either pressured or forced into having it. I hope that they go for it, and don't drop the ball.