Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spoilers 8/18 Updated @ 1:30 EST

  • Jerry comes back at sees that Jason is missing.
  • Jerry doesn't find them, and Sam and Jason never learn that he's returned.
  • Jason catches Sam off guard and kisses her.
  • Jason and Sam try to figure out where to go from here after the leap they made in Mexico.
  • Sam talks to Maxie about Jason.
  • Maxie and Spinelli try to push them together.
  • Sam and Jason decide to take a few steps back from each other.
  • Because of the police, Sam ends up back at Jason's apartment.
  • Jason realizes why he fell in love with Sam in the first place.
  • Sam resists Jason's temptations.
  • Rumors: Jason will soon give Sam her Star necklass back and later down the road he will give her ring to her again and make those promises they made to each other again and have many more rooftop dances and dinners.
  • Spinelli tells Maxie they should stay Celibate till their wedding day.
  • Maxie is confused about the idea of marriage.
  • Maxie sees red when she witnesses Lulu with Matt.
  • Maxie goes off on Lulu.
  • Maxie becomes furious when Lulu is seeing both Matt and Dante.
  • Ethan notices Lulu kissing Dante.
  • Ethan questions where Luke is.
  • Ethan and Tracy get involved in Lulu's life.
  • Lulu stands up for herself.

Andrea/Murder Mystery/Hit and Run...
  • Robin clears Alexis' name and we learn that Kiefer was the one to run Claudia off the road.
  • Claudia makes plans for Kristina who she believes caused the accident.
  • Claudia learns it was Kiefer.
  • Alexis comes across a familiar face.
  • Morgan and Kristina decide its time their mom to date.
  • Claudia learns that Dante is Olivia and Sonny's child.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael is threatened by a customer.
  • Kiefer continues to abuse Kristina.
  • Molly tries to stay out of it.
  • Michael is protective of Kristina.
  • Michael warns Kristina when he suspects something is up with Claudia.
  • Kiefer tortures Kristina with the information he has on her.
  • Kristina goes to big sister Sam for help.
  • Rebecca hopes to win Nik's attention by staying in PC and making her presence known at GH.
  • Nik gets revenge on Rebecca.
  • Rebecca notices the connection between Liz and Nik.
  • Lucky is unsettled by the closeness between Liz and Nik.
  • Liz tells Lucky she doesn't think they'll ever be together again.
  • Liz and Nik refuse to share anymore romantic moments together.
  • Lucky and Rebecca witness Nikolas and Liz in an intimate moment.
  • Nik tell Rebecca he wants to pick up where they left off. Rebecca agrees but she doesn't know Nik is planning revenge.
  • The Q's allow Rebecca to continue living with them.
  • Alexis tries to talk to Nik.
  • Liz watches Spencer for Nik.
  • Lucky begins to question why Liz is spending so much time with Nik.
  • Rumor says its a girl!
  • Carly warns Kiefer to stay away from Morgan.
  • Carly is shocked when Jax suddenly accepts Dante.
  • Carly knows Jax and Olivia are keeping secrets about Dante and she wants to know what they are.
  • Morgan continues to have a connection with Dante.
  • Alexis and Carly bond.
  • Carly's baby vanishes after she's given birth.
  • Carly is desperate to get her baby back.
  • Carly points the blame at Sonny.
  • Jax asks Jason and Michael to keep quiet about Jerry's role in Mexico.
  • Claudia tells Sonny she wants to have another baby with him.
  • Claudia makes a sacrifice.
  • Claudia has sex with someone else because Sonny won't give her another baby.
  • Claudia learns the truth about Dante's paternity.
  • Claudia gives Olivia a message to stay away from Sonny and to back her kid off.
  • Johnny is on to Claudia.
  • Claudia sets up Sonny.
  • Sonny shares his lethal side to Dante which makes him more determined to put him behind bars.
  • Dante is ready to make the bust against Sonny and Olivia decides the only way to stop things is to tell the truth.
  • Olivia admits to having feeling for Sonny.
  • Johnny is calling it quits unless Olivia can make him realize she is over with Sonny.
  • Sonny and Johnny have a fight.
  • Someone will become a Daddy.
  • Maxie, Rebecca, Sam and Claudia may have a girl's night out
Casting Call:
Early 40s, his charm masks his dark, evil agenda. Looking for Dark Hair, brooding presence. Actor can be American or British. Will recur for approximately 1 month starting late September


Anonymous said...

I just starting reading spoilers on this site and I am -in love- with this site. BEST Jasam site out there, first of all and BEST spoiler site.

Thank you so much for all the updating and information on the upcoming episodes

But one thing I haven't caught onto yet...

What is the red text mean?

Sami said...

The red is new updates..