Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spoilers 8/19 Updated 12:30 EST

  • Rumors Does Sam get pregnant after all the sex-capades???
  • Jason and Sam get the biggest surprise of their lives.
  • Rumor Jason and Sam enter into a marriage of convenience . As the police close in on Sonny, Sam steps in to help Jason. But there is definitely more between them. No mention of a baby or pregnancy being involved.
  • Sam gets concerned about Kristina.
  • Sam is shocked when Jason remembers what happened in Mexico.
  • Jason and Sam decide to slow things down when they return to PC.
  • Spin and Maxie catches Jason and Sam in a compromising position.
  • Kelly Monaco Quote about Staying From SID: "Things were already finalized. I'm not going anywhere. Nobody is going to take my job this year. We'll talk this time next year"
  • From SID "By the the rollout of the carnival, you will see how Jason and Liz stand with one another."

Teen Scene...
  • Rumors say that Michael will begin seeing Touissant's daughter who had a problematic past. She had a drug problem.
  • Kristina and Michael get into big trouble.
  • Molly watches Keifer hit Kristina. Kristina pleads with Molly to keep silent.
  • Sonny gives Keifer a warning after hearing some news.
  • Lucky catches Liz and Nik after they have sex.
  • Rebecca gets first hand proof of Nikolas's attraction to Liz.
  • Rebecca witnesses Liz and Nik kissing and stops Lucky by picking a fight before he can see it.
  • Tracy gives Rebecca advice to get even.
  • Liz tells Lucky they are just friends.
  • Dante is getting plenty of proof against the Corinthos/Zacharra Organization.
  • Dante and Lulu get close very quickly.
  • Lulu learns about Dante's assignment.
  • Olivia tells Dante the truth before he busts Sonny.
  • Kate tries to talk some sense into Dante.
  • Rumors Say Sonny will be going to prison but Claudia won't allow that if she has something to say for it. Is she going to let the secret out to protect Sonny?
  • Uncle rudy is said to come to town around the time sonny is in trial and do something that keeps him from going to prison.
  • Claudia is desperate to stay in Sonny's orbit.
  • Alexis and Sonny become closer.
  • Claudia finds out about Dante and blackmails Olivia.
  • Sonny, Alexis and Kristina try to work out past issues that have been ignored.
  • Jason tells Sonny what Jerry said about Claudia, while Jax plans on blowing Claudia out of the water when the time is right.
  • Claudia is upset Sonny wants Kristina to skate for killing their son when he was hell
    bent on getting revenge on her for Michael's shooting.
  • Johnny learns about Olivia's secrets and things get tense between the two.
  • Rumors Carly and Jax are said to get very shocking news from Dr. Lee their child may have a condition. I'm hearing its a heart problem.
  • Jax learns about Dante's paternity and Carly wants to know what secrets Olivia and Jax are keeping.
  • Carly learns the secret.
  • Jax plans on letting Sonny go down.

  • Someone gets pregnant and the father doesn't really need be a Dad... Who is Sonny Impregnating now?

Casting Call:

[ZOE] - 18-19, African American. She is beautiful, dynamic, strong willed...SERIES REGULAR

Shoot/Start Date: Late Sept.


Vicky said...

The Casting call is very interesting. I'm very glad to see where they will take this new character. Sami, always a pleasure to read ur spoilers.

Anonymous said...

im confused with the one from SID about how liz and jason stand with one another. they dont even acknowledge one another so why should it matter? or is it just a scene to staisfy the jason and liz fans? also when exactly are jasam going to be a offical couple again? i hope someone can get back to me. :)