Monday, August 3, 2009

Spoilers 8/3

  • Sam suggests they split up after another awkward moment and Jason gets to close.
  • Rumor that's probably false- JaSam gets married during November Sweeps.
  • Sam admits being linked to Jason during there trip made her remember how connected they used to be.
  • Spinelli asks Jason if his feelings for Sam have resurfaced?
  • Jason decides to help Michael find a job. If not in the mob. Why not the next best thing. Sam.
  • Jason Hallucinates. He hallucinates about Michael, Toddler Michael, Kristina and Carly
  • Robin is getting to close to the truth so Andrea decides to play real dirty.
  • Alexis warns Robin not to get on Andrea's bad side.
Lucky, Rebecca, Liz, Nik...
  • Liz suggests her Nik go play pool at Jake's.
  • Rebecca shares scenes with Monica where they bond over Emily.
  • An angry Nikolas makes a pass at Liz.
  • Nikolas cruely tosses money at Rebecca and tells her to take what she came for and leave.
  • Liz and Rebecca get into a war of words. Surprising accusations are made.
  • Liz doesn't know Nik is at Jakes, she goes after work cause she is frustrated at Lucky for beating up Dante. She is the one who treats him when Lulu brings Dante to GH, Lulu tells her what they did.
  • Kristina is warned about Kiefer.
  • Molly sees Kiefer hit Kristina.
  • Michael learns that Kristina was also on the road the night of the accident.
  • Kristina asks Molly not to spill the beans about her troubles with Keifer.
  • Mac gives Spinelli an Ultimatum. If he wants Maxie he has to give up mob activity.
  • Maxie feels things are moving to fast and she fears she'll go down the path of self destruction.
  • Alexis and Carly share a bonding moment where Carly says she would also do anything to protect Michael.
  • Diane pleads with Alexis to turn Kristina in.
  • Sonny and Alexis share and emotional confrontation over Kristina's involvement in Claudia's accident. Alexis refuses to turn Kristina in and questions Sonny that if this were Michael would he turn him in.
  • Sonny and Alexis both admit they could have done better by their daughter. Sonny promises not to stand in Alexis' way.
  • Alexis doesn't want Kristina to know that it's her fault that Claudia was run off the road.
  • Diane gives Kristina a piece of her mind.
  • Alexis prepares for the trial of Brianna Hughes, but a huge twist changes things thanks to Robin and Patrick.
  • Molly misses Alexis. Alexis feels guilty about saving one child while deglecting the other.
  • Sonny promises to give his marriage with Claudia a real chance, but he secretly longs for a chance with Olivia.
  • Dante and his Aunt Kate run into each other. Kate questions Olivia on what she plans to do now that Dante is in town and working for Sonny.
  • Kate sees Sonny and Olivia in an intimate moment. Could Claudia twist Kate's wheels enough to get her to blab a secret or two?
Lulu, Dante, Ethan, Lucky...
  • Ethan and Lucky are brought together by a common purpose.
  • LuLu and Dante become more connected as they discuss Olivia and Johnny's relationship. LuLu admits she has had to deal with her parent's choices all her life.
  • Carly and Jax learn the sex of their baby.
  • Claudia tries to appeal to Johnny that they should work together towards a common goal: Keep Sonny and Olivia apart.
  • Dante and Johnny come to blows

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