Monday, August 3, 2009

Twitter Updates

NancyLeeGrahn Good morning! Went to rehearse. Big Remote at GH. The set up is amazing Have huge break and then back again.

DrMattHunter finally back at work. Someone called me Goya with a knife. Its about time they know what I can do..
chrissiefit On the GH set. Big extravaganza happening today.

greg_vaughan For all those who participated in my, "were am I?" yes NYC!! I'll be better at my own game next time!!

greg_vaughan Our trip home was the survival of the fitess!! We made it , and now I'm off to work this morning!! Yes, that right 5am call times!!

chrissiefit The only time I'm okay with waking up SUPER early in the morning is when it involves acting stuff. "General Hospital" at 6:30 AM tomorrow!

sebrocheJust staying on GH for a few weeks guys, but it's going to be eventful and those who hate me will hate me even more haha !!

BurtonSteveConfirming that I am staying at GH. Excited. Thank you for all for your support.

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