Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spoilers 8/4

  • Claudia learns that Dante is Sonny's son and decides to make Olivia miserable with the information she knows.
  • Uncle Rudy is coming to town and is rumored to know Tracy from her mob days.
  • Sonny and Claudia learn that Alexis is covering for Kristina.
  • Rumors say that John Ingle would like to retire so there maybe another Q being killed off.
  • Michael will move in with Jason when he returns to PC.
  • Michael and Kristina escape from Jerry and head to Cancun where he gets his first kiss.
  • Rumors say Johnny walks in on an Intimate moment between Olivia and Sonny so he hits Jake's. He runs into Maxie who is terrified of her engagement and the two end up in bed together.
  • Olivia goes to Ronnie with hopes of getting Dante reassigned.
  • Someone listens in on Dante and Olivia's argument, Claudia?
  • Edward forbids Rebecca from spending the night with Nik.
  • Nik confronts Rebecca with her lies.
  • Lucky has no sympathy for Rebecca.
  • Liz finds a drunk Nik at Jake's and she takes him back to Wyndemere. She watches him sleep it off.
  • Rebecca is devastated Nik doesn't want anything to do with her. She becomes determined to win him back.
  • Lucky and Liz try to fix Lulu up with Matt to get her away from Dante.
  • Kiefer terrorizes Morgan but thankfully Dante intervenes.
  • Sonny wants answers from Dante.
  • Lulu feels herself attracted to Dante.
  • Rumors say Sam is going to have some trauma as a result of her latest experience with Jerry. Sam agrees to stay with Kristina and Molly while Alexis is behind bars and it will start to appear like she's having hallucinations.
  • Jerry makes a move on Sam.
  • Sam is frantic to find Jason.
  • Jason is having hallucinations.
  • After Sam saves Jason they both start to realize their feelings for each other have resurfaced.

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