Friday, August 7, 2009

Tyler Christopher Talks Niz

I've been getting quite a bit of negative reactions to this story both on and off this board. First, thats okay. Opinions negative or otherwise are always welcome. In the defense of how it's being written I'll say this: If every character were written with moral imperative it would become completely and utterly boring to watch. No matter how someone may seem everyone is flawed to some degree. Nikolas has walked the straight and narrow for far too long. He's always put others first even at the sacrifice of his own happiness. It's time for him to be a little selfish. I think he's earned it.

Is it wrong to "covet thy neighbors wife?" Of course it is. But have you ever been so attracted to someone that in the moment you suspended your values? ESPECIALLY when you add alcohol. Trust me this breach of ethics won't be without consequence but that is where the drama lies. This is about an attraction so strong that they (Nikolas and Elizabeth) are willing to ignore the firestorm of repercussions that will inevitably follow."

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Anonymous said...

Shut up, Tyler. Nik was screwing Courtney on the docks not long ago and there are never any consequences for his bad behavior.