Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greg Vaughan Departure Tweets

  • Steve Burton: God bless Greg V and his family. Sucks! He will be missed.
  • Tyler Christopher: Everyone give GV your blessings please. He gave Lucky justice while he was there.
  • Derk Cheetwood: Our thoughts are with Greg V and family he will be missed by all.
  • Nancy Lee Grahn: Heartbroken about Greg. However, this is a guy who worked constantly before GH & will continue to do the same after GH. He is an amazing gentleman, a dedicated father, a committed and talented actor who is loved and adored by his cast. He will be fine!
  • Sarah Brown: I'm so sad & sorry to hear this. I know you're going to do great wherever you go. My love to you and your family always
  • Brandon Barash: deeply saddened by this news. Not gonna be the same w/o u next door. ur star will shine wherever it lands.
  • Lisa LoCicero: Greg, you'll do great wherever you go.. But I will miss your smiling face terribly

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