Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spoilers 9/29

  • SOD: Steve Burton is training and watching what he eats so his body is in tip top shape for JaSam.
  • Sam talks herself out of a tough situation.
  • Carly faces a crisis.
Solivia, Dante, Claudia...
  • Claudia tells Olivia that if she doesn't dump Johnny she will tell Sonny everything about Dante.
  • Olivia dumps Johnny and tells him she loves Sonny.
  • Johnny goes to Claudia know she had something to do with the breakup.
  • Olivia tells Jax that it is past the time where Claudia should get what she deserves.
  • Claudia wants to seduce Dante.
  • Dante confides in Lulu.
  • Nik rescues Luke, Lulu and Ethan.

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