Friday, September 11, 2009

Spoilers 9/11

***9/11 Gone But Never Forgotten***

  • Jason and Johnny clash over what to do with Anthony.
  • A mortified Jason and Sam wake up to quite the audience on Wednesday, September 16.
  • Molly warns Jason not to break Sam’s heart again.
  • Jason and Sam go to the Spixie wedding together.

Necca, Niz, L&L2...
  • Rumors : Rebecca will be revealed as Emily.
  • Lucky tries to Save Rebecca from Nik's revenge and finds out more about Liz and Nik.
  • Ethan will put the pieces together and work to win back Rebecca.
Solivia & Dante...
  • Dominic gets closer to Sonny's family when he moves in to Carly's house.
  • Jax reveals to Dominic that he knows the truth about him being an undercover cop
  • Olivia and Johnny agree that they are more than just a fling.
  • Dante and Lulu share a passionate kiss.
  • Dante doesn't need surgery.
  • Patrick tells Olivia she should tell the truth.
  • Lulu realizes that Dante is more of a man that wants to put an end to the mob rather than be in it.
  • Olivia rushes to Johnny's bedside when she hears about his surgery.
  • Claudia finds Olivia in Johnny's room.
  • Olivia tells Johnny he can't trust Dante.
  • Carly tells Sonny she wants Dante to recuperate at her house.
  • Morgan's bond with Dominic grows, Michael feels left out and Carly doesn't know how to feel for the guy.
  • Sonny tests Dante; He wants to know if he puts a hit out on Johnny will Dante follow through.
  • Sonny informs Anthony of the price he’ll pay should he cross him again.
  • Olivia goes pale when she sees Dominic and Johnny together.

  • Chaos takes over their wedding.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael learns the truth about what happened when he was shot.
  • Keifer wants to have sex with Kristina but she says she's not ready.
  • Many people begin to notice Keifer's issues.

  • Claudia is determined to stay married to Sonny and to have his child.
  • Claudia visits AZ while Johnny is fighting for his life.
  • Someone mysterious is watching Patrick and Robin.
  • Robin isn't done playing detective.

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