Monday, September 14, 2009

Spoilers 9/14

  • Jason and Sam are in for a surprise Wednesday
  • Rumor:
    Sam wonders if she'll ever get married. Maxie thinks she is perfect with Jason and not to give up on her dreams of having a family.
    Jason has a talk with Spinelli. Will he propose to Sam before the year is over?
  • Sam thinks something is wrong with Kiefer.
  • Michael goes to Sam for help.
  • Sam promises to keep it a secret from Jason.
  • Jason asks Sam to spend the night with him
  • Jason and Sam are mortified when they emerge from the bedroom to a penthouse full of people
  • Sam eavesdrops while Molly advices Jason not to break Sam's heart again
  • Rumor: A baby on the way for JaSam.
  • Claudia blames Anthony for John's shooting.
  • Claudia wants to pay back her father.
  • Sonny warns Anthony that Johnny will pay the price if he chooses to step out of line.
  • Johnny pushes Claudia away.
  • Claudia suggests to Sonny that Dominic recuperate at Greystone Manor
  • Olivia tells John not to trust Dominic.
  • Jason questions Johnny about Claudia.
  • Claudia overhears Sam reveal to Jason that Michael is remembering conversations during his coma
  • During the last month of Carly's pregnancy Jax moves out because of the misunderstanding of Michael's memory regarding Jax.
  • Dante will be in the house taking care of Carly and the boys.
  • Carly will give birth and her baby will disappear from the hospital.
  • People will assume Claudia has the child but no one will know for sure.
    Sonny will be trying to help Carly find the baby, as will Dante who will use some police contacts to do so.
  • The truth comes out about him and Olivia has to confess to save his life.
  • Sonny will view that as the ultimate betrayal of his life.
  • Most of the month of November will be about Dante/Sonny/Carly working together to find the baby while Jax and Olivia and Johnny do the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Sami a baby for jasam. please tell me its' true and that tptb are not going to spoil this.

grae said...

nooooooo....sam isn't able to have babies after she was shot right? i thought the point of them together was that they understood having a child together would not be safe for them or the baby. why cant they just be a couple. alot of ppl get married and are happy without kids!

Anonymous said...

Because they both WANT kids. Sam is DYING to have one and Jason would LOVE a family.

They both deserve it. I hope nothing happens to their baby if it does happen.

Anonymous said...

Sam was told if she were to get pregnant, she probably could not carry to term. She CAN get pregnant but the chances were relayed as being slim.