Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spoilers 10/14

  • Sam's father is brought up by Alexis.
  • Rumor: Sam OR Jason gets shot.
Teen Scene...
  • After Kristina sleeps with Kiefer she instantly regrets it.
  • She tries to pull back because she doesn't want to take chances.
  • Kristina shares her feelings with Michael.
  • Rumor: Kiefer rapes Kristina and Michael kills Kiefer.
  • Rumor: Kristina thinks she's pregnant.
Niz & L&L2...
  • Lucky learns of the 'betrayal' and publicly announces the affair.
  • Lucky runs into Mischa.
  • Rumor: Lucky becomes destructive and loses his job.
Spensers & Cassadines...
  • Luke asks Alexis for help finding info on Valantin
  • Alexis later refuses when she finds something unsettling.
Lulu & Dante...
  • Rumor: Lulu gets drugged at work, Dante helps her and reveals that he is a cop.
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Jason reveals evidence of Claudia's involvement to Sonny.
  • Sonny tears in Claudia for the lies and deceit.
  • Claudia takes desperate measures to protect herself.
  • Sonny thinks Dante is the leak and is in cahoots with Claudia.
  • Sonny orders a hit on Dante and Claudia.
  • Olivia rushes to save Dante from Sonny.
  • Claudia and Dante are both shot.
  • Rumor: Claudia says she's sorry about Michael and says Dante is Sonny's son. Claudia dies. Dante is in critical condition.
  • Rumor: Carly finally learns of Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, she takes her car and goes after Claudia.
  • Rumor: The shooter almost hit Carly but Sonny saves her.
  • Rumor: Carly goes into labor because of the shock when hearing the gunfire.
  • Rumor: Sonny is left delivering Carly's child.
  • Jax admits to Carly that he knew the truth but wanted to wait to tell her.
  • Carly blames Jax for the situation.
  • Jax moves into the hotel soon after the baby is born
  • Rumor: Carly's baby develops a heart condition that pushes Carly and Jax back together.
  • Robin learns that Patrick's Ex knows a secret about him that no one else knows.

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